CyanogenMod 11

Another milestone for the KitKat-based firmware

Visit the CyanogenMod download page and you'll see CM11 M3 builds are starting to roll off the servers. "M" builds are milestones along the development process as the KitKat-based CyanogenMod 11 approaches release candidate, and eventually stable status. So M-snapshot builds are supposed to be more stable than nightlies, but may still contain a few bugs.

At the time of writing we're seeing M3 builds for a wide range of devices including the Galaxy S4, HTC One and LG G2, along with many Nexus devices and legacy handsets. If you're already set up with a custom recovery on your device, you can hit up the source link to find the full list CM11 M3 builds ready for flashing.

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CyanogenMod 11 M3 builds now rolling out


Try sticking with the milestone releases. I've had the disconnect issue with Glass and my car with most of the nightlies through January, but M2's been pretty stable for me. Hoping M3 fixes the issue all together.

Right, because I am sure the CM team is monitoring this article for device requests. They'll get right on it!


CM11 nightlies for the gnex were already pretty solid, been using them for 2 weeks. And I'm on M3 just now :-)

Do you have an issues where there's 'flickering' in the app switching menu and when going portrait to landscape?

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I know that CM breathes a lot of life into EOL phones, but other than that it seems as though none of them work all that well.

I am more interested in what they do as a complete product and not ROMs on existing products.

I've tried CM when I was using an SE Xperia Arc s, as you say, it didn't work all that well. It's a different story on my gnex, it feels like a factory rom... Proprietary drivers, pfft

Many of them work fantastically, it all depends on what phone you have.

Edit: Depends also on how you use your phone. Bluetooth might be a deal breaker for some, it's not for me. Camera isn't a deal breaker for some, it is for me. Don't make uninformed blanket statements, really you should just steer clear of blanket statements in general.

That was an informed statement I made and you backed up.

Camera and BT are crap pretty much all the way around, and with each device they have their own little flaws. With something that already was stock, it is fine, for something like the One, G2 or S4 you are going to have issues.

Yes I just got the CM11 M3 notification update for my LG e970 on my phone. Downloading right now and auto install it.

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Anyone know if cm11 on my s4 will have full galaxy gear compatibility?

I'm guessing where it isn't a touch wiz based rom, I'll have issues pairing it with my gear?

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Has anyone heard if there are any plans for them to be expanding the cm installer. Hoping to use it on my g2.


I had the G2 for a week. The camera is so much worse than advertised, I actually flushed it down the toilet. My toilet got clogged and I had to pull it out. But by that point it was caked with turd meat. So I lit it on fire, and ran over it with my car. Shame!

Personally I think the g2 is a great phone with outstanding battery life but LG software can be a bit much


Or, go buy a phone that doesn't suck, save yourself the hassle of re-flashing it every 2 weeks. Just a thought.

I was running cm11 until yesterday on my s3. The snapshot build was very stable, just missed addons and mods. Switched to carbon ROM. It's only nightlies at this point but so far so good

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I have tried to flash cm11 nightlies and teameask unofficial build and both failed to flash and yes everything was done as per instructions. So I had X-Note 8 previously and now I have flashed Foxhound Ground Zeroes and it's one amazing rom, wanted to check cm11 but wasn't to be lol

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I had an issue with one of the Temasek ROMS not flashing properly but all the rest have been great for my i9300

Posted by my Nexus 7 (2013) or my i9300 (custom rom)

I cannot flash Franco kernel after I flash the M3 update. Am I missing something! I flash it then just get stuck at the Google screen on nexus 5

Oh yeah. Been rocking CM 11 nightlies on my Note 2 for 2 months now. Got to love the t0lte team. Beers on me guys!

Galaxy Note 2 GT-N7105

Lots of other sprint phones have cyanogenmod support. There's just a problem with the gs4 in particular, I would guess

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Huh? I'm confused. There have been CM nightlies for Sprint GS4 for months. M3 is working fine on my Sprint GS4. A nightly earlier this week had WiFi issues. First problem I ever had.

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so when is cm gonna officially out cm11 for the s4 gti9500??? this is getting kinda crazy. all the unofficial versions r shit, too many damn bugs. u keep complaining about the exynos, but if u guys are who u say u are then get over it and do it. get it right

Yeah there are different maintainers for each device. If you don't like it, then sign up and maintain it yourself.