If you know anything about customizing Android, then you know about Cyanogen. They were the first group to actually root and customize the G1 back in its hayday, and since then they have become the authority on “unlocking and hacking” the Android platform. Cyanogen 6 – the latest version of the software – is based on Froyo (Android 2.2), and will be bringing some interesting new treats to the Evo. For one, both the front and the rear camera are rumored to be fully functional in their new release – something that’s unheard of in present Froyo ROM builds. Furthermore, the group has developed HID support, which stands for Human Interface Device. This allows a bluetooth mouse or keyboard to be connected as well as the use of a cursor. Cyanogen released an unofficial statement on XDA forums earlier this week:

The goal is BT HID + full HDMI out. That turns your phone into a real computer.

Apparently, the idea is to hook your phone up to a monitor via the HDMI cable, and then use a mouse or keyboard to access it like a desktop workstation.  The quality isn't great, but check out the video of him demonstrating bluetooth HID after the break.  And keep your eyes peeled! [via XDA Developers]


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Cyanogen 6 to bring awesomeness to your Evo


Cyanogen was not the 1st to root...
It was JeasusFreke, in fact my bookmark to get to XDA is still named JF as an ode to him.

Actually i am not even sure if JF was the 1st to root, he was the 1st to bring multi-touch to the G1.

Cyanogen's latest tweet was that he got the wiimote working! This is big for people who play snes and gameboy.

Giving me a reason to root.

Now that would be plain ole awesome. Too bad the other phone with the HDMI port at BT made by Motorola will never EVER see such goodness...

Say no to Moto

These ROMs make me so jealous as a Palm Pre user. I hope that ROMs for the Epic will be as good, because these are truly amazing.

There is something called an RUU.

I rooted before the OTA and used the RUU to unroot.
It's basically an .exe file that you can use to get back to stock.

You can find the file somewhere on XDA.

There are tools and information to root/unroot do what ever you want on the XDA forums. I would go there and search...
Do not post a question with out searching, they will get pissed.

Wow by the time Sprint release's the official Froyo 2.2, these devs will have a better working version that has even more better features. I'm not rooted nor do I plan to but this is great news for anybody who's rooted or holding back because of the cameras not working. Now they have them up and running, everyone can get some Froyo goodness.

LOL - "f you know anything about customizing Android, then you know about Cyanogen." by this token you must not know anything about customising Android as your article is contains the following errors.

1. Cyanogen is a person not a group. While there are a group of people who work on CyanogenMod these days he was originally a one man army.
2. Cyanogen did not root the G1.This was achieved by a number of people, Jesusfreake being the main man.

This being Said I am a great fan of the CyanogenMod and will be very torn between it and my current MoDaCo ROM when it is released for the desire.

I would rather USB host services than bluetooth mouse and keyboard support. I dont know why no phones support HID input modes either. My phone would make the perfect PC/ps3 mouse and keyboard via BT. PS3 Controller support would would work well to.

Glad to see they are aggressively targeting an evo release though. Anyone know if they are running at 60fps?

I'm a newbie who has just come to Android from WEB OS. Someone please take a moment and provide me some background info as I'm somewhat confused and have a number of questions.

Thank you in advance.

1. I have been to Cyanogen's website and while there is info there, none of it appears to be writen for the newbie getting his feet wet in rooting. I have a fear of bricking my device and so want to make certain I thoroughly read the documentation before attempting this procedure. Where can I find more info specifically about installation which I can fathom as a newbie?

2. I gather that this new mod will allow you to bring Froyo to your device in advance of the official release of the upgrade. Will I have to uninstall the mod in order to install the official release of Froyo? I know when I had my Palm Pre, most rooters recommended this before taking a new install. Is this recommended?

3. I have heard someone post up that I shouldn't worry because I can always go back to my original 2.1 release, then they mention this ROM or another and I haven't the slightest idea how to install or reinstall a ROM. I assume their talking about boot loading the ROM's, but truthfully, I don't know how to do that either. lol Is there a guide on how to boot load somehwhere on the board?

4. Is there a sort of table of contents for people who wish to upgrade so we know what the new release actually contains? I understand people who upgrade have to make do without Sense which I am quite fond of. Then again, I don't know what the stock android UI looks like so maybe I won't mind.

1. I dunno about Cyanogenmod-specific instructions, I imagine once it's actually out for the EVO there'll be a lot more details... Flashing a ROM is the easiest part of it all tho, regardless of ROM. As far as the rooting process itself, there's several noob-friendly guides at the EVO XDA message boards. There's even some one-click apps/scripts to root your device if you don't wanna get your hands dirty at all.

Those boards are just an amazing resource, here's some links...

One of the nicer (and first) guides I saw:
Nice compilation of some alternate methods and videos to help:
SimpleRoot (particularly useful if you have the last OTA update which makes rooting harder):
The best way to get the latest radio updates + the newest Sprint/HTC OTA updated 2.1 ROM w/root:

2. Yes, CM (and many other ROMs) allow you to have Froyo before the official release... If you were to install the official update you'd probably break root (perhaps indefinitely, or until someone figures out how to root the newest Sprint/HTC update). There's no reason to bother with that tho, someone will usually post a stock version of the official ROM (w/root) within a day or two of the release, so you can just use that instead if you want a stock-feel.

CM will be ASOP-based (meaning no Sense, at all, not the launcher, not the FB/contact integration, nothing). There's other Froyo ROMs out there w/Sense but none of them have working cameras AFAIK. DamageControl (great 2.1-bsaed ROM) is working on a fully-working one (w/cameras, Sense, etc.).

3. Flashing a ROM is relatively easy, it can be done from the recovery screen (think of it as a sort of BIOS or booting off a thumbdrive on a PC), see the above links for more, and it can even be done from Android itself w/ROM Manager (it'll auto-reboot into recovery and take care of everything).

To unroot you'd just run an .exe that takes your phone back to factory status. This is possible w/the EVO because of the original root method being used, they kinda lucked out and got an engineering build ROM and that's what's being used to gain root access, unlock NAND so the recovery partition can be overwritten, and move to other ROMs. This would vary w/other phones...

4. You can just try different ROMs out and make up your own mind... Personally I dislike the Sense launcher (phone button is way too big, the useless + button, etc.) but I still like other aspects of Sense such as the FB/contact linking and the camera app, etc... I'm sticking with DM 3.2 for now (2.1-based, has the official OTA patches built-in too, +Sense) but i'll probably try CM out for kicks. I'll probably use the ADW Launcher either way.

Someone's bound to get a Froyo ROM working w/Sense sooner rather than later tho (my bet is on Damage), more than likely before the official update from Sprint/HTC. The better ROMs (Fresh, DC, etc.) have detailed threads at XDA that specify all changes, some are better documented than others.

As an aside, the only two reasons I rooted were A) being able to perform full backups of my phone (NANDroid backups, of the entire OS, and Titanium Backups of just the apps + settings) and B) free WiFi tethering. Froyo will supposedly have a built-in backup feature, dunno how good it is... And you can always WiFi tether w/o root w/PDANet (tho it requires ya to load drivers on the tethered computer). Froyo will also have that but carriers will likely disable it for their official updates.

Some of these dev ROMs are amazingly optimized tho, netting ya much better battery life, or performance, or both... So in the end I'm glad I started messing with all this.

For some reason, your video doesn't play anymore. It only links to the XDA forum page you cite at the end of your post. I needed to right click the video and hit "open on youtube"

just curious

what live wallpaper is that in the video.
i do want that.

i cant wait to try Cyanogen 6

im currently Fresh Evo 1.0