Cut the Rope Time Travel

If you just can't get enough of Cut the Rope, it's time to check out Cut the Rope: Time Travel. The oddly lovable Om Nom heads back through time to feed his ancestors with candy, and this time you've got two monsters to feed on each level, so things are a little more challenging right from the start. 

You'll be working your way through a half-dozen locations, including the Middle Ages, Renaissance, a pirate ship, ancient Egypt, ancient Greece and the Stone Age.

Developer Zeptolab notes that this new Cut the Rope supports tablets, but we've found it to be a little buggy on 1080p phones, with an advertisement covering the button that moves you on to the next level. And we've seen it block things on 720p displays when you unlock a new level, too. And speaking of ads, 99 cents gets rid of 'em. Or you can just keep with the free version.

Check out the cutesy cut scene after the break, and hit the link above to download.

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Raptor007 says:

I have the other two Cut The Rope games and this one looks pretty cool as well. I will add it to my new GS4 when I finally get it.

bcgamer says:

this game is not bad. I played hd version. see AppsGoer

XavierMatt says:

Cut the rope is awesome. I own all of them but as usual with my games I never play it.

kloakanl says:

I totally love this game just like the other cut the rope games. I uploaded walkthrough videos for entire game to