Cut the Rope Time Travel

ZeptoLab announces the first new Cut the Rope series game in two years -- Cut the Rope: Time Travel

Cut the Rope is an insanely popular mobile game on both iOS and Android, and it's first sequel Cut the Rope Experiments was just as popular. Today, ZeptoLab has announced a third in the series named Cut the Rope: Time Travel.

We don't have much to go on yet. There's a trailer (find it after the break) but other than showing how adorable the little Om Nom character is, it leaves the rest to our imagination. We expect more of the same physics puzzles that help get candy into the cuddly little fellows mouth, and we're fine with that. Why ruin a good thing?

No word on any date or pricing, other than it will be launching for Android and iOS and that it is "almost here". We'll jump on it as soon as we see it, in the meantime hit the break for that trailer.


Reader comments

Cut the Rope: Time Travel coming soon from ZeptoLab


From the makers who said they have "more levels coming" for about a year. Then with an update, got rid of that message and never brought more levels. Never going to support these guys again.

Have you checked the play store recently? They added more levels to Cut the Rope this past February (Lantern Box) and Cut the Rope Experiments last month (Ant Box). Considering that I only paid $0.25 for each game that's pretty good.

I agree 100%, the first cut the rope was well done, and of good size. I bought the second one, then like 3 months later it went free with a pay to win scheme and didn't deliver on the promise of more levels coming soon.

I would never give this company money again, pay to win is the reason mobile gaming is still a joke.

EDIT: No i didn't know they actually released levels after almost a year. Still pay to win is total BS especially after you pay for a game.