Know everything you would ever want to know about your device hardware with CPU-Z

The folks at CPUID have been around for a while. Folks using Windows computers have been using their software to get information for overclocking their computers, optimizing performance, and getting hardware information to install Linux since 2009. Yesterday, they brought a beta version of their wildly popular CPU-Z tool to Android.

The app is super simple to use, you just open it and read the screen. There no challenge, or high score, or inviting of friends involved, you just get a pretty darn complete set of information about the hardware inside your Android that you can use for debugging, or optimizing, or tweaking just like you would a Windows computer. 

Everything is nice and simple, with different tabs for your SoC, system build information, battery stats and live sensor data. The interface is superb, and follows Google's Android app UI guidelines -- no black bar on your HTC devices to be seen. There's also an easy method to send debugging information to the folks at CPUID if you find any problems, as well as a setting for temperature in Celsius or Fahrenheit. Not a lot of fuss is needed to get just about all the data you would ever need about your phone or tablet.

There are plenty of apps out there that will give you this same information, but people are excited about CPU-Z because  of who is behind it, and what else they may have to offer. The folks at CPUID have a few legendary performance and monitoring programs for Windows, and seeing an app like TMonitor or PerfMonitor2 come to Android would get every Android nerd in a tizzy, and your favorite ROM developer would have an amazing set of tools at his or her disposal. 

Of course, there's no promise that any of the other products will make their way to Android, but it's nice to dream. If you want to give CPU-Z a try -- and you should, it's free -- grab it from the Google Play link above. There are a few screenshots after the break showing you just what you'll see.


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Hardware identification tool CPU-Z makes its way to Android


Could have swore I have had this before on my phone. But I guess not. But yes it is an awesome tool.

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Since the snapdragon 600 is the same quad-core chip the HTC J Butterfly uses, then no.

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Mine says that too, guess it's a bug. Strange bug, since it correctly detects it as QCT APQ8064 Mako. Also says it's clocked at 1.7GHz, which it isn't. I suspect it has something to do with custom ROMs/kernels.

Either that or we're both extremely lucky and randomly have a next-gen chip in our N4s :P
Yeah, dream on...

The nexus⁴ features Qualcomm's S4 pro SoC, not S600, the confusion may lie in the fact both processors share the Adreno 320 GPU but I wouldn't expect a top of line hardware identification tool to make this sort of mistake. Looks like they have a few bugs to sort through.

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Cerux kernel on my SGH-T989 running AOSPA 3+ Linaro unofficial is messing with CPUZ. The app keeps saying I have a Snapdragon 600 clocked to 1.9GHz when my device only has a Qualcomm Snapdragon S3 dual-core clocked to 1.5GHz.

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This is awesome! Also apparently I have a barometer on my phone lol

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Tried this app on both my devices and showed correct info. Both are generic stock ROM.

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One note: CPU-Z has been around a LOT longer than 2009. I've been using it since at least 2001. Back when you had the various Pentiums & Pentium IIs and K6-2s with various floating point instruction sets on the market (as well as some unscrupulous online vendors) you needed to know exactly what CPU you had. I am so glad that they have made an Android version!

+1, yeah been using it forever for computer builds...great program, and no permissions! Lol. Great find AC, TY!

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"There are a few screenshots after the break showing you just what you'll see."

Not in the app there aren't.

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