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Well here’s an interesting development for Nexus watchers. Samsung fansite SamMobile has uncovered a list of specifications for a new Samsung phone with the model number GT-i9260. (If you’re not up to speed on your model numbers, the HSPA+ Galaxy Nexus is GT-i9250.) ​The site alleges this will be an upcoming mid-range Nexus, and provides specs leaked from an internal spreadsheet in support of its claims.

Appearing alongside the codename “Superior,” the GT-i9260 seems to have a lot in common with the original Galaxy Nexus -- an HD SuperAMOLED display on 4.65-inch display, for instance. Interestingly, though, the “Superior” is reported as having a 1.5GHz dual-core Cortex A9 CPU (up from 1.2GHz in the Gnex), as well as an 8MP rear camera, 1.9MP front camera (up from 5.0 and 1.2 respectively), and a microSD card slot. That last part is worth underscoring -- we’ve reported previously on the Android dev team’s disdain for removable storage, and unless they’ve had a major change of heart since June, we’d be surprised to see any Nexus device with removable storage.

On the other hand, the GT-i9260 model number appears alongside the name "Nexus" in the leaked spreadsheet. This suggests the "Superior" is indeed another Samsung Nexus device, and not just a TouchWiz phone based on Gnex-like specs. The release date of Nov. 2012 would also be right about when we’re expecting new Nexus to drop.

If this is indeed a Nexus phone, what we’re likely looking at is a likely not a super-high-end device -- the specs and model number point to a mid-range product. That indicates that either the next Nexus will offer only a modest spec boost, or that another Nexus model will be present at the high end. Alternatively, maybe the listed GT-i9260 specs are incorrect -- possibly misinformation put out by Samsung to throw us off the trail.

There are still a lot of unknowns when it comes to the GT-i9260, but we’ll be watching with interest as November approaches.

Source: SamMobile

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Could Samsung's GT-i9260 Nexus 'Superior' be a spec-bumped Galaxy Nexus for 2012? [updated]


Cannot wait to find out about the next high spec Nexus, my upgrade is long overdue but I cannot see myself grabbing a current Nexus that will be nearly 3 and a half years old when my new contract exires
Surprised to see dual core and not quad core though, although as stated, it's a mid spec phone

It's funny to see these specs called mid range. If this was a couple months ago, everyone would be clambering for this phone. I guess it's quad core or A15 based phones or nothing.

Not really, no.

A couple of months ago the S3 was on the horizon and the One X was already dominating. The A9 based processor was hot stuff late last year but it was bested pretty quickly by the One X and One S with the S4. Not to mention the slate of T3 phones that are out too. No, you would need to go back a bit further for this not to be a mid range phone.

If the next Nexus has a bettery that lasts 24hours of onscreen use, I'll be buying it. Otherwise it's not for me.

wonder what mobile you would buy if Nexus didnt come with 24 hr onscreen use...
oh wait there is no mobile out there which can give you that.

If this is a spec bump from the current Gnex are we saying that the currency Gnex is that outdated that its not even a mid range phone now?

I don't think so, it's just how phone market work, each phone being spec updated or replaced by something else every year, but still being sold as lower range phone, like S2 is still being sell. Even Apple follow this practice, they still selling 3GS as a lowerst spec iPhone (thats probably why they still updateding iOS for it)

Nah, there's no way a Nexus is having an SD slot and there's no way Google is joining in Samsung's "machine sea". Unless Samsung has successfully tainted Google and the Nexus line.

Unfortunately Google has already been adrift in that ocean for far too many nexus releases. If the triple cross handed to them by Samsung and Verizon with the last Nexus release didn't teach Google to stay away from both for a while then they are dumber than anyone suspects.

No more Samsung nexus phones. Please.

The Nexus line was already tainted as soon as Samsung allowed Verizon to have a model. Sometimes things change or it turns out to be a one time thing. This just maybe the ONLY NEXUS EVER with an sd card expansión slot. Even at 32 internal and 32 external that would be nice. What Google should do is sell NEXUS LINE device through the Google play store ONLY. Don't allow any carrier to sell the device the first 6months at least. People need to become use to buying smartphones from the Google play store. Nexus line devices aren't about top industry specs anyway.

"What Google should do is sell NEXUS LINE device through the Google play store ONLY. Don't allow any carrier to sell the device..."

I'm pretty sure that's what they did with the Nexus One, and they changed their tactic when the Nexus One didn’t sell well. The problem I believe was with exposure; sure the Nexus One was great and they sold a decent amount of them (I know I bought one), but without the major networks to give the device exposure, the average consumer isn’t going to have a clue that the Nexus device even exists, AND the carriers won’t support the phone if there’s a problem, something an average customer isn’t going to want to hear. Not to mention the fact that it's non-subsidized and most customers won't want to pay full price for a phone. That’s why you get partnerships with Verizon and the like: for device exposure, support, and subsidies. The current way Google is doing it is a good idea in my opinion: sell through carriers, and through Google Play. Only problem with that is you get the i515 bastard child.

Yes they are selling them in their own store but not ONLY in their own store. The N1 was only sold in their own store (outside of a couple minor international carrier releases late in the cycle) and that was responsible for the sales largely tanking. Google is not going to make that mistake again.

I dont think Google expects the Nexus phones to be huge sellers (if they did they would market them more and get carriers to market them more) but they do hope they are going to be competitive.

"Nexus line devices aren't about top industry specs anyway." Says the dope who not even 3 months ago said his Verizon Galaxy Nexus would "rule" all other phones well into 2013 and was "pimp slapping" all current phones. Hey look everybody! He's finally learned something!

"What Google should do is sell NEXUS LINE device through the Google play store ONLY." Do you know how stupid that sounds? Most people can barely justify the cost of a $200-$300 carrier-subsidized smartphone, and you really think they'll chuck in another $50-$100 for a phone that they'll be able to get from their carrier for lower cost and more convenience?
Not to mention the fact that Google tried that approach already with the Nexus One. While it did good, it could've been a lot better had carriers had the phone in store for people to actually see. Realistically, the only people who got a Nexus One were developers or the small subset of people (in relation to the entire US) who look on these websites. You have no clue what you're saying.

I totally disagree. Most smart people can figure out that they are paying back a lot for a phone over the course of a contract. Additionally, T-Mobile (arguably the Nexus's primary consumer target) now has plans that don't factor in the cost of a subsidized phone (value plans) and it is much cheaper to use this plan than traditional contract phone plan.

Google is trying to change the way business is done, and in my opinion it's the way it always should have been. I love it and I hope they keep it up.

Ahhh but there's a few key words there: "most smart people". Considering most people don't know half of the 50 states or what to do when the power goes out, I doubt a lot of them are "smart".

I can't really argue with that point, but I guess I have a little more optimism on the general public. I think that even most dumb people can see the value in a $400 phone with a $50/month plan over a $200 phone with a $100/month plan.

the micro sd card is a must , love the screen size , the battery should be around 2500 mAh and don't worry about the thickness/thinness crap ,quad core or arm A15 is highly preferred , keep the curved glass , remove the damn shin , remove as much vertical bezel as you can upper and lower side , let it come in variety of colors and you got yourself a winner.

i'd rather have more internal memory storage than an SD slot.

SD card is slower and less secure than internal memory.

Agreed. It's also simpler to manage one big block of storage than two half-size blocks. I'd prefer that this EVO LTE had 32 GB onboard and no microSD card slot, but I have to live with 16 GB onboard and a 32 GB microSD card. You can't have your cake (storage) and eat it too (amazing screen), I guess.

I'd rather have the option for both. I have kept music on a 32gb micro sd card. I can just pop that card between phones, and just go. I don't need to plug my phone in to a computer, and wait for several gigs of music to upload. Cloud storage is not really a viable option at this time, with regards to carrier data limits, and times when you are not around a reliable fast connection.

I'm still rooting for the multiple Nexus theory. I'd really like to see one of them off-contract from Google for Verizon, although I'm not holding my breath on that one.

Motorola is who I'm really rooting for, save for their camera hardware, I enjoyed my Bionic but I hated the software.

Off contract phones are a lot harder to do on CDMA carriers. Plus the market is so small that it's not worth the effort or money. Only one in a hundred-thousand users will buy an off contract phone, and CDMA is pretty much limited to the US market.

This reminds me of the rumors around the Sprint GNex: in January, Sprint preemptively(and falsely) advertised their GNex as 1.5ghz(the factory configuration for an OMAP 4460), and secondly, due to the misprint, many thought the phone might have the upgraded OMAP 4470. One thing is for sure: Nexus Devices are awesome, and I am happy to continue buying them.

Sounds like a Galaxy Nexus HD to me...
With those specs it doesn't deserve to be the next Nexus. Thank god is not confirmed lol

That doesn't make any sense.... The Galaxy Nexus is already HD. Maybe it's an equally useless Galaxy Nexus+, like the One X+. They need to just work on battery technology (not just a bigger battery but a battery that actually lasts longer ie a 2100mAh battery that last 20 Hours with a 5 Hour Screen-On time). They also need to work on optimized software. Why are custom ROMs better than what OEMs put out and their basically made by fans?

The technology is in the processor right now. The A15 architecture is much more battery efficient. The OneX or S3 easily outlast the A9's with providing much better performance. Is the 4460 a slouch? By no means no. Is it current? Well, its the one of the best A9 based dual core processors, which is likely what the general population will have. Despite what people want, the nexus is a developers phone, and you have to balance new features (NFC, WiDi) with technology that everyone else has (A9 based processor with the most common mobile GPU). This is why you see games compatible with the nexus, that the OneX should easily handle, but doesn't run. Don't get me wrong, I would love to have a krait processor, or those quad exynos processors with the Mali GPU in my nexus, but my baby runs just fine and suits my needs at the moment as is. I have never been tempted to leave the Gnex, which I haven't been able to say with my last 5 phones (hence why I don't use them anymore).

If this turns out to be a Nexus phone and it has expandable storage, then this will be my first Nexus phone. I'm not buying toy phones without expandable storage.

Eh I said the same thing about my Galaxy Nexus. Yes, I agree I do miss my SD card, but Galaxy Nexus is still an awesome phone. I am going for the high end Nexus (whoever makes that next) and not just going with Samsung. I really hope we get a minimalist design and some freaking metal or higher end materials in the design. Maybe an Xperia Nexus would not be bad!

I am not too sure why the writer is speculating that this Nexus will have touchwiz. . If the next Nexus phone drops with touchwiz installed I will be very disappointed. Isn't the whole point of a Nexus device supposed to be a pure Google experience? If it does, I dont think it will have "Nexus" in the name of the phone.

i dont get the problem ppl have with Sammy, Sammy makes awesome phones and hardware. Never ever had a problem with any of my Samsung phones(sure there are problems here and there but no phone/company is perfect)

This is very similar to the rumored 'changes' that were coming to the Sprint Nexus before it released, what with its updated processor and such.

I doubt the next Nexus will be this. Hopefully it will be a BAMF phone released on all networks simultaneously, across the planet.

Unless the next Nexus is a Moto or HTC, I will not be updating. My GNex is frustrating enough (radio/gps performance is sub-par).

The things i hear about sammy seem justified. My friend switched from a Thunderbolt to a Galaxy nexus recently and said his Thunderbolt was faster -_-
I'd honest LOVE a moto nexus that had that Samsung nexus feel (look wise)
Moto Phones are just butt ugly IMO and looks really matter on a phone nowadays.

"and said his Thunderbolt was faster"

I'm sorry, what? Was he running some crap custom ROM on the GNex? Cuz that makes no sense.

9250 to 9260 isnt a huge jump. sounds kinda cheap. but if this is targetted for a 2012 release and its just barely a minimum spec sorry to say this, but android has nothing against the new iphone.

dont get me wrong, i absolutely love my gnex and support android all the way, but gotta be a realist here and think of our competition. the new iphone (assuming its gonna be called iphone5) is absolutely gonna trash everything out there all because of the name and popularity. this will be apples first official new iphone post steve jobs (4S does NOT count and never will as that was just a pure spec bump from 4) everyone who got the 4s was disapppointed for having the same exact phone with just a new letter added on is dying for the new one and will most likely shatter records.

and all android has to offer is a samsung spec bump? 4.1?

nobody knows a single thing about the new iphone yet JB has been exposed long enough out there for people to go oh, this is it? this is just a polished version of ICS.

iphone5 is going to dominate the market again from its release until march. android will be trailing behind getting 3 different companies releasing 3 completely different versions 3 different phones, and you wonder why the majority brushes off android because theyre confused when they see 6 diff companies selling 6 diff versions of android.

if google wants to rule this market and dominate and put the iphone to shame...jb needs to offer a lot more than what weve seen

You tell me what more jb needs to offer. What do u expect from a phone os jb is very smooth sure it looks like ICS but at some point Google has to slow down with all the change of looks in the os at this point they need to stick with something witch is what I think they are doing. Heck iOS has been the same since 07 look wise Google now blows siri out of the water it sounds like a real person not a robot. I guess Google needs to make our phones cook and clean for us then we will be on top lol. In the end its a phone and I'm running jb on my nexus and I must say its quite nice

For starters, there's no chance this is a Nexus phone. The author of the original article added the "Nexus" tag to the model number - this is just a mid-range Samsung phone based on the Nexus design.

Secondly, we already know what's in iOS 6 (because we've got the preview) and we know that JB is still miles ahead.

Thirdly, Android is dominating the market. If it wasn't for the US where the iPhone sells a lot more than the rest of the world, the iPhone would be below 15% marketshare globally.

I'm hoping for an HTC or Moto made Nexus. I love my Gnex but like every Samsung phone I have tried the signal strength, GPS accuracy, and screen burn in are issues I'm done with. I'm crazy about timing my screen out and not keeping static images and can still see a keyboard and the white is mostly yellow now. Very sad. I actually miss the Nexus one. Loved the hardware.

i'm not buying the new nexus phone if has the same PenTile pixes display.. i'm sick of PenTile displays so bad resulotion..

Hoping that they release a lower end Nexus like this and then go super high end with Motorola. Would be nice to have those options. But I can wait and use my current GNex until ...

The next Nexus phone to not use a pentile screen is the one I will get.

I don't picture Google doing this. The Nexus phones have been reference devices for the current OS. A midrange Galaxy Nexus would be out of place unless they just want to bump the specs to be in line with the Nexus 7 for Jelly Bean in which case I wouldn't expect the next version of Android to come in the late fall or winter like it typically would have.

The next Nexus shouldn't make a debut until the next version of Android.

a lot of people (myself included) expect a JellyBean 4.2 (with a couple more things that werent ready this spring) to launch on the new devices.

As for the 5 device theory:
Nexus Q
Nexus 7 (tablet)
Nexus 10 (tablet)
4The Gen Nexus Phone
Nexus branded Google TV box?

That's what I am expecting

After thinking about this a bit, I would not be too surprised if this was a Nexus phone and it did in fact have a SD Card Slot. Here's my reasoning.

I think Google's reasoning for being against an external card slot is based on a couple of items. First, they don't want manufactures using it as a crutch to not include decent on-device storage. Second, there are major performance limitations in file structure since it has to be able to plug in with a PC.

However, Google is smart and they know people want these storage options. So my guess is that they have been hard at work finding a way to get the best of both worlds. My prediction would be that they will force the SD card to be the right file structure and have some form of live conversion for mounting it to a PC. There might even be hardware requirements for this.

So in summary, Google is smart and I expect to see something new and awesome to make this external SD Card happen.

Google is smart and know that they make their money from their services (eg. Play Movies, Google Drive upgrades) and not from selling phones. Hence no sdcard.

Google isn't going to reverse their stance on removable storage. If they were they would have done so on the Nexus 7.

There are more reasons not to have a removable SD card than the ones Google gave as their official reasoning (wanting one file system partition), anyone who has ever done phone troubleshooting can tell you a good amount of the time the problem can be traced back to the SD card.

If this is the next Nexus color me unimpressed. If anything this is what it should have been last November. Now this is a yawn at beat an outright laugh off at worst. Google has to step up and build the god phone for this year to just compete with the iPhone5 in a few weeks. If this is it i'll stay with my current Gnex and JB till next year. If Apple pulls out all the stops with the new phone that might change. At the moment Google needs to step it up BIG TIME.

It's funny as we would all be disappointed if this is the next Nexus, but I wish this was my Galaxy Nexus. I really thought this was going to be Sprints version prior to its release. If it's the same camera as the the GS3, comes standard with the 2100mah battery and gives an sd card it's at least a nice little bump. I certainly wouldn't use an carrier upgrade for this device as I would wait for a more high end Nexus but if this replaces the current GSM Google Nexus I would consider it for sure if I were looking right now to buy a phone through Google.

I'm pretty happy with my Galaxy Nexus and will continue to stick to this line of Android devices. Though it's now become clear my best bet is to do it straight through Google. Sprint and Verizon just don't give a shit about keeping their Nexus phones updated.

I would be fine with those specs as long as the camera is decent. I am looking for a new phone (currently use HTC Inspire) and right now I'm being swayed towards the S3 simply because of the camera and camera app. I take a lot of pics of my kids and the camera in the current GNex is sub-par even when it was first released IMHO.

I wouldn't be surprised to see Tegra 3 since Google have embraced it along with Asus with the Nexus 7, but also I wouldn't be surprised to see the Snapdragon S4 Pro on it either. Hopefully the hardware will be 'ahead of it's time' like the Nexus One was before it, rather than current generation hardware at the end of that generation (e.g. Galaxy Nexus with OMAP4 with Tegra 3 just around the corner).

The current Galaxy S3 and HTC One X are already going to be better or equal to whatever the iPhone 5 ends up being hardware wise. You people really should consider laying off the drugs for a while.

The Nexus brand is not and likely will never be considered a major player. I'm sure the GS3 outsold the Galaxy Nexus by leaps and bounds. As will the next iPhone. The next Nexus or group of Nexii will continue to do what Nexus devices are meant to do: support the next generation of development platforms. With that said, I would not be shocked if Google teams up with Intel and some manufacturer for the coming Nexus.

How about this, as you all know apple is trying to block the nexus sales so maybe this is the replacement that apple can't block .

I'm gonna go along with what the original post speculates and think that this will be a Galaxy Nexus Plus, perhaps cheaper than the current Nexus, and that there will be a high end Samsung Nexus(and maybe several other Google Experience devices) as well.

Please update these rumors...if you visit, the author admits:

"We made a mistake in the second picture sorry.
And we are not sure if codename GT-I9260 = NEXUS.

DannyD | 21 August 2012 at 14:13"

So that pretty much sums it up...he made it all up based on no hard facts.

All he is saying is they assumed "I9260" meant nexus because it was a digit bump. He's not saying the information is wrong. IMHO, it's a legitimate assumption.

Yes, but this article says "the GT-i9260 model number appears alongside the name "Nexus" in the leaked spreadsheet". It changes the article a bit when you say that DannyD was the one who put the word "Nexus" there.

Only Google knows, and they're not telling yet. I pay no attention to rumors about technology. It's too easy for it to change. When the next Nexus is officially announced, and official specs revealed, I'll make my determination whether to buy it.

Whatever gets released, I'm going with the unlocked GSM version.

The rumour says it will have better camera, better screen & removable memory (all good things).

It does not say it will use same SoC (OMAP4460), it could be an under-clocked OMAP4470 (better graphics). It may have a bigger battery and less wasted space around the screen. It might even be cheaper than the current Nexus, say $299.

People don't buy a Nexus phone because it has the best hardware, they buy it because it's a Nexus.

what ever happened to these oem's releasing less phones? there is no need for this already and tbh im sick of samsung making the nexus devices. we need a new oem to do so like moto.

Being on Sprint the Nexus line doesn't excited me anymore seeing as how I still haven't tasted Jelly Bean...

First of all, unless Nvidia or Samsung get their Act together ALL LTE phones in the US (which may even include TMo but definitely ATT, VZW and Sprint) will still be S4 based because they are the ONLY single chip LTE solution which gives great battery LTE compared to first gen LTE phones (Thunderbolt, Charge, etc.). And, the quad core S4 (forget it's designation) with the Adreno 300 is just a monster (and my dual core GS3 with Adreno 225 is pretty damn smooth even with TW on ICS - hoping for the rumored JB soon - even on VZW). To tell the truth well I think the Nexus 7 is a nice tablet I can't say that Tegra 3 and JB have impressed me all that much and I guess I must be pretty blind because I don't see all the fuss over pentile on my GS3 (granted I was coming from a WVGA phone and I've never played with a One X). I would love a slightly (say 4.3-4.5) smaller phone than my GS3 - runs great just still a little too big for my hands. Can't find a carrier that even comes close to VZW in my small town so unlocked and GSM ARE NOT OPTIONs.

Maybe this ties in to the rumors of multiple Nexus phones from earlier this year? Maybe Motorola will release one with a keyboard, and HTC will release a version?

Surprised no one is seeing the elephant in the room here. Despite how childish Apple is behaving and what a travesty it would be for the courts to play along with them, there is a very real chance that Apple will win enough in this battle to get a new injunction upheld against the Galaxy Nexus. Of course that could be appealed again, but that would be more time with no GNex available. Despite the GNex getting long in the tooth, Google can't afford to not have their current Nexus phone available here for any reason, and Samsung doesn't want a hiccup in sales and a narrowing of their product portfolio, as the device is still not EOL.

It would hurt Samsung, Google, and the entire mobile sector if some of Apple's more ridiculous patents are upheld (trade dress, universal search, etc), but this way they wouldn't have to worry too much if the Gnex was somehow banned again. Rather than have no Nexus phone available here in that scenario, they could simply release a slightly tweaked Gnex, with an overclocked version of the same SoC for a slight improvement while maintaining compatibility, and addressing the major complaints people had about the GT-i9250 (camera quality, external storage, possibly battery life, build quality, and/or bezel size). Doing so wouldn't increase the cost much at all at this point, and it sounds like most of the essential hardware would be the same, keeping it largely compatible with existing Gnex development. Call it a GNexS to be coy.

If the Gnex is banned again as a result of this trial, Samsung can simply drop this baby the next day, Google can sell them in the Play Store, and there won't be any need to replace the CDMA versions unless Apple is able to get an injunction against them as well, as they are technically different hardware. Whether its banned or not, this won't affect the Nexus product cycle or Android update cycle, and we'll still see the next flagship Nexus phone along with a new Android version as expected, this will just be a mid-range option. I honestly don't expect another GNex injunction to be enforced, and this will simply be a mid-cycle bump to keep Nexus sales moving along for those worried about it getting long in the tooth since Jellybean didn't have a new flagship phone, and it allows Samsung to clear out some new hardware made up mostly of older components inventory. It will offer a great cheaper alternative alongside Samsung and Google's new and upcoming flagships.

Despite its age, a Galaxy Nexus with its major complaints addressed is still plenty of phone for most people, and could indeed take sales away from the iPhone 5 on price and lack of a contract. And should worse come to worse and Apple see a big win here, it allows Samsung to beat skirt Apple's war of litigation, as their production capacity and time-to-market can beat the speed at which the legal system operates.

This changes everything. Again.

It's also worth noting that if Google intends to keep pushing direct sales of the nexus via the Play Store, they have a strong incentive to keep the price reasonable. In a world where many consumers are accustomed to phone subsidies, a $600+ price tag is massive. If Google can offer previous-generation hardware (which, let's be honest, is more than sufficient for most people) for half the price, I think they're going to move far more units, and moving more units means more people using Google services.

That said, I would hate to see the top-of-the-line Nexus go. I think there's a lot to be said for the Apple model of offering the previous generation hardware alongside the current generation; that way you can draw in both those who want the latest and greatest and are willing to pay for it, as well as budget-conscious customers who still want a new device.