We all really love unfounded rumors about things, right? (OK, not all of us.)  Well, Fastcompany seems to believe that Instagram, the ever-popular photo application for iOS devices, could actually land on Windows Phone before Android, eventhough Instagram has already confirmed that they are working on the Android application. Fastcompany is claiming that Microsoft may have worked out a deal with Instagram to bring the application to Windows Phone, but we are left wondering if Instagram would really release their application on a platform with a much smaller marketplace and market share.

For now we must sit back and wait, but we're not getting too worked up over things just yet.

Source: Fastcompany; via: WPCentral


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Could Instagram land on Windows Phone before Android?


Could it possibly be that no one using android really cares about this app?

With 20 image sharing methods already in the market and Picasa syncing built right into Android, who really needs this?

I'm at a lost of why everyone keeps talking about this? Doesn't Android have plenty of other apps that does this like Pixlr-matic which has filters, share to your hearts content. Is there something else magical about this app that I'm not aware off? Please advise.

This app is more like a Facebook/Flickr lovechild. A community based around the photos you take. Not just sharing to Twitter/G+/Facebook.

It's also that people just want one more way of saying, yeah we've got that app too.

Personally I'd love to have it on my phone/tablet. Only seems right since Android is fully capable.

^ This.

I'm (im)patiently waiting for the app because I have iPhone friends using the app. So it would be great to subscribe to their picture feeds.

Agreed. And I just switched from an iPhone 4 to a Galaxy S II, and the amount of apps that I miss is pretty large. Sure, there might be some app out there that does the same thing, but typically it doesn't do it as well or incorporate all of the features. Speaking about Instagram in particular, it is the community that no other app will have that is what I'm after.

What I don't understand is the people that seem to be against this app coming to Android. It's like if an app was made popular on iOS then some Android enthusiasts want it to stay over there and not 'contaminate' their precious ecosystem.

I have to agree with the general consensus above, we already have plenty of cameras and photo sharing. Just because an app is in iOs doesn't mean it has to come to Android too.

I've been with android since the G1, and I for one want this app. Aside from it being a picture app, its also more of a social network tool which helps people connect, plus it is integrated with twitter unlike the current android photo apps. Instagram photos show up on my twitter feed, while the android app photos don't. I also have lot of brainwashed iOS friends who only post on Instagram so I don't get to see their pictures unless they share em on twitter.

it's more about the community and less about "yeah we can post pictures too!"

instagram is already established with a huge userbase, that's why people want it. not because it's an iphone app.

More confusing to me than Instagram's slow launch to Android, is Hipstamatic. They seem to refuse to let Android play, which as a business decision, is just plain stupid. OK, just because you love iPhone more than Android... wouldn't you still like another 20 million customers paying for your app??
It's the only app I miss from my iPhone, and so far, haven't found anything that completely replaces it in my heart. (But still not enough to make me give up my Android).

So maybe Microsoft bribed, err, sorry about that - I mean encouraged, another company to do something with their OS.

A company that has 1.4% of the market share of phones ( wait its now 1.3%) I am almost positive they are paying off app devs to code for their platform. Totally agree!

Frankly, I find Instagram's slow pace frankly insulting. It took them the vast majority of 2011 to hire two people to code an Android app? Then we won't even see the app until the late summer or fall? Now Microsoft is possibly bribing them to make a Windows Phone app before Android?

It says to me that Instagram CEO Kevin Systrom & the Instagram team is either very inept at hiring good talent or really doesn't care about Android fans. This apps should have completed already.

If their competitors have competing apps which are better? Who needs Instagram? I hope Android users say "No thanks. You took way too long & we have better choices." I believe timing is everything. If you leave a competing platform hanging for 15 months? That's just not right. I hope that by the time Instagram is ready to go, the competition makes Instagram DOA.

None of those competitors has a user base anywhere near the size/strength of what Instagram does.

That's why when this finally does get released, and people start flocking to it, it will do so well.

From what I understand, not many people who use Android that aren't iOS lovers themselves really care for this app. I could care less about the Instagram style news feed outside of Facebook. That's almost as crappy as having to switch between Myspace and Facebook so often, I eventually dropped Myspace because I didn't want to switch. It's a great concept, but I'd rather clutter Facebook with more photos.
And I never really cared to look for Instagram replacements (or well, an app that does the same thing, maybe even better) and some of the suggestions in the comments here were great, I seem to like Streamzoo and Pixlr-o-matic. I try to not put too many effects on my photos, but some could benefit.
And that brings me to the main reason why I hate Instagram. Everyone seems to think they're great photographers with their phones now because they can hide behind a wall of effects. The whole point of photography is to get an amazing shot without effects so that effects actually make it better rather than just covering up your mistakes. And I've had long conversations with people who use Instagram to add effects to screenshots. Fricken hipsters man.

You're completely missing the point of this app, but you've already long decided how you feel about it so it doesn't really matter.

Instagram on WP7 before android. This must mean that WP7 has finally reached the big time! Ballmer should be so proud. "Instagram! Instagram! Instagram!"