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Multiple users can show split the bill for shared storage costs

The latest entrant in the cloud storage arena, Copy, is increasing the amount of free storage it offers to try and pull users away from other services. Following the announcement by Google that it will be unifying its free storage across services, Copy is now giving all free accounts 15GB of storage to start off with, up from 5GB previously. If you're not familiar with Copy, it also grabbed some attention for having a generous referral policy, which gives 5GB of extra storage to both the referrer and the referee with no limits on the extra storage that can be obtained. Copy also does not have file size limits, another plus over its competitors.

Along with the announcement of increases in base storage, Copy is also rolling out a feature it's calling "Fair Storage" that helps split the cost of shared folders between the users that access them. For example, if four users are sharing a 20GB Copy folder, each one will only pay for 5GB of that storage, rather than each paying for all 20GB every month. It's a system that makes sense logically but isn't the way that other companies are approaching shared folders.

Copy certainly has a lot of good ideas, but as we've seen in the past it can be hard for new challengers in the cloud storage space to come in and challenge the likes of Dropbox. Even Google's own Drive product has struggled to catch on for the average user. We'll see if the seriously interesting storage incentives from Copy can help them get a foothold.

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DirkBelig says:

Remember when web-based email providers only gave you a few megs of storage space, wanting to charge you to get more then 10 or 20MBs until Google stomped them with 1GB of Gmail storage, totally changing the game and forcing the other services to match or die even harder?

Well, why hasn't this happened with Dropbox (yet) since they are the absolutely stingiest service, offering drips and drabs of space bumps for referrals or uploading all your mobile photos when Google Drive offers 15GB, Copy offers 15GB, SkyDrive 7GB, Box 50GB if you know how to snag it, etc. Dropbox gives a measly 2GB and makes you beg for bumps. How come they don't need to step up?

DirkBelig says:

Looks like my new cloud home. Just slapped the clients on my PC and MacBook as well as shoving from the Play store to my phone and tablet. Heck, I logged in with Firefox and it offered me 2GB for tweeting that I'd signed up.

Diskoman says:

I have essentially stopped using Dropbox (for quite a while now actually) for that very reason. Between Google Drive's flexibility and Box's 50GB of space, I didn't see the point in bothering with Dropbox's 3.5GB. Keep in mind that's AFTER Dropbox's storage space increases! Now that I have Copy with 40GB (and growing) for large file transfers I have no use for Dropbox at all. It's sad too, because they still have the best app (although Google Drive is almost there). They keep bugging me with emails since I haven't been using it too lol.

rookiegenius says:

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gabbott says:

I keep saying it, but I'll wait to try any cloud based storage until they offer more account security such as 2-step authentication. At this point, it should be standard rather than wait for a hack and then a site roll it out.

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Unlike a lot of apps, Copy has some of the best customer service I've seen. My MP4 were not showing up in the app or online. Sent a email to customer service and had a reply with a hour saying it was a problem on their end. In the age that developers blame everything else for a problem, it's nice to see that.

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I got an invite and was not able to sign up. I clicked the referral link and filled in my info. Initially it just said there was an error. Then I tried again and it said my email address was already in use...though I'd never signed up with them before. So I tried logging in with the password I'd just used to try to sign up, and it said it wasn't valid. So then I clicked to do the password reset, and it gave me an error saying it wasn't able to do a password reset at this time.

I've gone back and tried it all a few more times with now luck. They clearly have some issues. Why would I trust them with my data if they can't get referrals and sign-ups right? Well, I'd still sign up if they'll fix it. The person who emailed me the link is really frustrated because I guess this is happening a lot. It's really too bad.

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I just wanted to update this so you know that support got back to me early today and are working to make things right. Here is the problem is their words:
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So if you have the issue I did, email Copy support and they'll probably get you taken care of like they're doing with me. All the best!

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