Xfinity TV Go

Comcast Xfinity TV Player is now called Xfinity TV Go, and gives new live TV channels

Comcast has pushed a major update to their Xfinity TV app, and in addition to the premium channel streaming, they now offer live TV from different news, sports, and educational channels. Users on both Android phones and tablets can now tune in to channels from Fox, CNN, NBC, BBC and more while they are on Wifi

If you're on Verizon, they have struck some deal where streaming is enabled on 3G and LTE as well. In any case, you'll need to be a Comcast subscriber to take advantage of any of this (or have a close friend who will share the login). 

If you're a current user, or a Comcast subscriber who wants to give it a try (initial tests deliver a very nice stream on the Nat Geo channel) hit the Google Play link above.


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Comcast's Xfinity TV player updated, brings new name and live TV channels


When is someone like Comcast going to realize just how much money they could make by giving us access to cable shows on our devices (and the ability to stream to our TV's from them).
I'll never subscribe to cable, but I would subscribe to something I could watch on my tablet and cast to my tv occasionally.

I would like to be able to Chromecast from this just because the interface is much better than the one on my cable box.

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I've been stuck with Comcast for a looong time, and their set top box UI has not changed since I was in college. And it looked kind of dated even then.

Set top box ui is god awful and they should be ashamed especially for what they charge.

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This may be a longshot, but does anyone know how to clear the registered devices when you don't have access to the devices anymore? Comcast thinks that I have three or four devices registered already, but those "devices" are old CM installs, the N7 that I sold a while ago, etc.

Edit: Never mind, I found the online option at the Comcast website. I don't know how I missed it before.

I have been using this app like crazy for a while now, but I have 9 things downloaded I need to watch before I upgrade since you have to download everything again.

About time! Watching live channels has been available on laptops with Xfinity for a while, so I never understood not having the streaming option on smartphones. At this point, I'm already using several network apps to stream my favorite programs, though. Still, it's nice that I can now get rid of those if space becomes an issue.

And I think I'm getting closer to cancelling my cable, but I just can't seem to cut the cord for some reason. I don't know life without Comcast. Yet, every month I'm feeling like a fool, paying top dollar for stuff I rarely watch. Plus, Netflix. [Sighs]

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