Xfinity Player for Android

We've been waiting on this one for a while now, but thankfully Comcast has finally decided to release an Xfinity streaming app for the most popular mobile OS on the planet. With Xfinity TV Player for Android you can stream thousands of on-demand movies and television shows from Comcast, right to your Android phone or tablet. The only catch (you knew there would be one) is you have to be a Comcast customer and have to be paying the monthly subscription for the premium channels you want to stream content from.

The biggest plus here is the tablet availability. Other on-demand streaming apps (hello HBOGo) are a little late with the tablet support, but Xfinity says it's compatible with any Android device running 2.3 or higher, and we've verified it works on the Transformer Prime and the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1. The app itself is free and available in the Google Play store, and will stream with any data connection. If you've been waiting, go grab it!

Download Xfinity TV Player from Google Play

Thanks everyone who sent this in!


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crxssi says:

Hello Cox.... are you listening???

DWR_31 says:

Downloaded 2 days ago.

Take that IOS. I don't even have to be on my home wifi to use this.


blackbyrd says:

Ok Optimum. Any day now. Tablets & phones please.

solid_s_1117 says:

This works quite well. It almost warrants the ridiculous bill I pay each month...almost. And at least it came out in time for the return of Toonami

Morenicano says:

LOL! I was thinking the same about Toonami

awal1987 says:

you can actually watch hbo using the browser. On my GTab 10.1 with dolphin browser hd it works fine. has to be in desktop mode or else it directs you to the play store to download the app.

and what is with the xfinity app asking for root?

jim_joe_bob says:

They probably think what google thinks... rooted users are pirates.

jimpia17 says:

This App is the S***!! I Love it! Everything plays in beautiful HD on my Galaxy Tab 10.1 and Galaxy Nexus without a flaw in 3G, 4G, and WiFi modes. When I installed it never asked anything about "root" Thank You Xfinity (Comcast)now I feel better about paying that high cost bill every month.

Liljoepr says:

Ive been using it on my iPad 3 and the app is awesome!!! I'm glad it's on android now.

McPlot says:

See my post in the apps forum about it being released a day before it hit Google play.

Chocu1a says:

Works great on my G.Nexus & Touchpad running cm9. It DID ask for root on both, but works fine with it denied.

Hello Verizon Fios are you also paying attention.. Never mind I can answer that myself.

tbolt1973 says:

This app along with Sling Player makes a great combination of live and on demand programming.

Morenicano says:


wudini007 says:

Works when it wants to... about 75% of the time it gets stuck on "Loading"

Paradocks says:

Works great on the Rezound. Still wish it had more content like shows from Syfy or Food Network, but I am happy with the initial offering.

JosephRoach says:

Will take a look at it, sounds pretty interesting.

smacsteve says:

Well, you know it takes a while to work out all the bugs on Android with all the different versions of it and manufactures. That's why iOS gets stuff first!

tx_tuff says:

Been waiting on this since I got my GN first day of release, and damn happy it is finally here!!!