CNN has finally decided to add a live TV stream to its Android app, but there are still a few caveats associated with the new functionality. Alongside the normal set of clips and content available previously in its app, you can now watch a live stream of CNN or HLN directly from a menu marked as "watch live TV". The caveat, as we mentioned, is that you're still going to be required to authorize with CNN that you subscribe to a cable TV package with one of its partners. It's an unfortunate (but still quite standard) situation for those of us who have chosen to "cut the cord" and don't subscribe to a cable service.

The functionality, once you get it working, does seem to live up to its promise of providing a live CNN stream. Even on a solid Wifi connection it still didn't seem to be very high quality in our time with it, though. Understanding that there are issues, this is still a good start for CNN and hopefully more channels can follow suit.


Reader comments

CNN adds live streaming TV to its Android app, still requires a cable subscription


It doesn't work on my Verizon Samsung Galaxy Note II, over WiFi.

I click on the "Watch Live TV" icon, select my cable provider, and enter my login info.

At that point, it just started showing commercials. No CNN, no news.

After 3 commercials and STILL no news, I turned it off and declared it "broken."

This "TV Partner" thing is a huge problem. I live in an area where the municipality runs the cable company. They won't offer any of these services because it usually adds a cost to the cable company. I can't use HBO GO or any other services because they are too small.

If you aren't on Comcast, DirectTV, Verizon or one of the other large cable providers you are screwed.

Now why can't they get the tablet app updated to allow the same thing on my ASUS tablet ? Stupid that the phone app supports it but not the tablet app.

I agree. They could have used this update to make it compatible with the Nexus 7. Why they didn't is baffling. But why doesn't their tablet version work with the Nexus 7? Is it not a tablet?