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News is coming out of the UK today from retailer Clove Technology, says that we're going to have to carry on waiting for the official Samsung Galaxy Nexus accessories as the release date has slipped back to February. 

As we previously reported, Clove were expecting to start shipping the accessories mid-January, but a statement on their blog today tells a sadly different story. Citing delays from Samsung as the cause, their expected shipping date has now slipped back to around Feb. 13. Disappointing, to be sure. Let's hope somebody's able to pull a rabbit out of a hat.

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Official Galaxy Nexus accessories delayed, UK retailer says


I think Sammy should get some kind of unaward for being the most disappointing smartphone manufacturer ever. I own a samsung phone and they are so far behind with software and when they finally do catch up a little it's full of bugs and failures. now they're failing with accessories? come on. step it up a little.

Yes, Samsung has had access to ICS longer than any other manufacturer and it only has it on the Nexus, with no timeline on they're other phones

ok, its official that samsung needs to 'up' their production capabilities. it also explains why they are about to expand their plant in Texas.

I returned my GNex. Too buggy, poor signal, and poor follow-through from Samsung. So disappointing.

Now I'm waiting patiently (?) for the Droid 4. I'm guessing the day it launches I'll be able to pick up desk chargers and a car dock if I so choose.

Those of you bagging on Samsung obviously never had an HTC product (Thunderbolt) or a Motorola product (Bionic).

I've had several. My OG Droid is one of the best quality devices I've ever owned. The new RAZR is an awfully nice phone as well.

I'd love to know how problems with HTC (or any other manufacturer, for that matter) expunge Samsung's poor record?

I also had the OG Droid 1 and it was a rock solid phone. Unfortunately Motorola in recent years has fallen. I admin the cell phones at my work and see and handle every smart phone on VZW/T-Mobile and USCC. Motorola makes great hardware, all their phones are very sturdy and can take a real beating. However.. their software is complete trash anymore, nothing but bugs. The Bionic/Razr use the same OS software from Moto and have very similar issues. Signal drops, Black Screens of death, random restarts, Head phone jack static to name a few. I was one of the many that waited for the Bionic to be released and jumped on it when it was released. However even after their very delayed patch the phone was not close to being fixed. I was even part of their test patch soak and submitted feedback of many issues still in the phone and to this day those have not been resolved. I ended up shelling out money off contract for a GNex and have had one issues with it (external volume, fixed with an application). I will admit that until the Gnex came out I would have never purchased a Samsung phone, but this phone is VERY solid. ICS is smooth and all the current issues more people have is simple application compatibility with a new OS framework. Samsung/Google has already pushed out patches within days of release to fix issues on this phone.

I am sorry to say it will take a lot to get me back to the trust in Motorola that I had with the OGD. I think Motorola needs to focus more on OS/software bugs then releasing a new phone monthly. I will give Motorola one thing as stated here. They always have a plethora of accessories available with their phones at launch and it’s my one true complaint about the GNex. I miss my Bionics Qi Charging!