Up close and personal with the LG G3's rear buttons

The LG G3 is very quickly becoming something of an open secret. We know the UI is getting a refresh, the screen will be 1440p, and the buttons, while redesigned, will still be on the back. Our first look at those redesigned buttons came over the weekend, and now courtesy of leaker @evleaks, we have a bigger and clearer look at them.

They're like the buttons on the LG G2 and the LG G Flex, but more refined. There's power, volume up, and volume down. The T-shaped layout mirrors the G Flex, with the camera over the buttons, a flash on one side, and what's likely the IR blaster on the other. And that's what we know: the LG G3 will come in white and it will have buttons.

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Up close and personal with the LG G3's rear buttons


Could be my next... Depending on Color Choices available #boredofboringblackandwhite

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I like the look of the G2 buttons better. With the rounded power button you always know when you're pushing up, down, or power. This flush looks would seem to create more problems.

I think I like my G2's buttons better.
Obviously I have not used a G3, so I can't be sure though.

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I don't get the rear burttons. When I use my phone, but fingers are NEVER on the back. They're wrapped around the sides, holding the phone to make sure I don't drop that big slab of glass. I realize LG is trying to differentiate itself, but this still strikes me as a solution in search of a problem. And creating a problem of it's own. No matter how I try to hold my current phone so I can easily put a finger it that location, it just isn't comfortable.

Looks like a good way to get fingerprints all over the camera lens, too.

The G3 looks to be a great phone in most respects, but these buttons are going to keep me from giving LG my hard-earned cash.

you should try it. i came from a full line of Galaxy phones...and i prefer the back buttons...not to mention the small bezels on the sides.
i am surprised at just how functional they are. feels very good in the hand, and natural...atleast to me.

I kind of agree that it doesn't sound ideal, and I love LG hardware as an owner of both a nexus 4 and 5.
That said I wouldn't not get an LG device because it included these rear buttons.
I'm in love with the Nexus 5's OIS feature, it doesn't matter as much to most people but I have a slight shake in my hands, always have had it, it's genetic and OIS on the nexus 5 finally enables me to take clear pictures, I'm not leaving LG hardware anytime soon, unless other manufacturer's start providing real OIS.
I'm sure the rear buttons just takes some getting used to.

You have double tap, knock.. So why you need the buttons? Does nexus 5 has double tap? NO.. Everytime you need to push the power.. So annoying!

Wow so annoying to hit a button instead of tap on the screen twice. Guess what screen still comes on faster with the power button. I don't mind people who like double tap or the rear buttons but finding a power button annoying makes no sense.

Yea that seems to be the consensus among actual owners of the device. I haven't heart a lot of
OMG I'm getting rid of this phone because of these annoying back buttons.
I'm sure it's an adjustment but probably fine once you get used to it.

The reality is you rarely use the buttons because knock on/off and the volume slider in the notification area.

The buttons work fine and make LG unique. The Verizon versions are a little harder to use though cause they are smaller.

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I didn't love them, and they were hard to get used to for me, but I didn't hate them either. If it would have been my phone instead of a test phone I am sure I would have gotten used to it

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Basically the theory is same with the Moto X's dimple. Naturally and unintentionally your index finger moves away from the other three fingers on the left edge of your phone while those three fingers still grip tight to it. The index finger is usually then rests on the back of the phone.

It might not be better than having the power button on both the right edge (though better than the left volume right power placement imo), but it's just as functional.

And the Fosbury flop changed high jump. It does feel intuitive in short order and my next phone choice could be swayed by one with back buttons.

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really hope it has at least 2800 or 3000 is a better fit for the QHD screen resolution. I really hope 805 not 801 because 805 has better battery consumption. Even if it has 2800 or above with the 801 battery life won't be as good as the 805 one.

I'm guessing you tried to say 2800 or 3000 mAh batteries.

Anyhow, I think battery savings of the 805 processor, just will compensate the more processing power used and the use of a QHD (not to be confuse with a qHD = 540 x 960) resolution, having a bigger resolution translates on a higher power consumption, both from the display and from the processor (that has to process more pixels).

I really hope they stay on the same resolution or even lower it as I consider 1080p is more than enough for displays around the 5".

My perfect phone would have an 805 processor, a with a 4.5" and 720p display with the smallest bezel and a 3000+ mAh baterry (even if it is 15mm thick). And buttons, tactile or physical, hardware buttons, real ones, I don't like on screen buttons.

Why would that be an IR blaster? What remote has the IR element on the bottom? How awkward would it be to have to hold the phone in a vertical position to change channels? I'm willing to bet that it definitely is not an IR blaster.

You have to face the screen of the phone toward your eyeballs so you can see what you're pressing. That leaves the back of the phone facing outward.

Most people use remotes horizontally, while looking at the tv screen.
That said with virtual keys your more likely to be holding the device at least somewhat at an angle so you can see the screen of the phone, not completely horizontal.
If the IR blaster was made to point forward and up a bit, it would probably work fine in that position.
I used the S4 IR blaster on the top and it was a bit weird to tilt the phone up to see what button I was pushing and then back down to actually push it.

Exactly. You can memorize the placement of physical buttons so you don't have to look at the remote when using it. On a flat screen there is no touch memorization (that I'm aware of) so you kinda have to see what you're doing. Makes sense to me that the IR blaster is on back.

Remote controls have blasters and buttons on contiguous faces (90 degrees). I know the physical buttons might help a little bit, but still, think almost every one would use the IR blaster as in a tv remote and not holding the phone parallel to their eyeballs, TV,.....

Hey, even when using car keys (RF) lot of people tend to point them this way.

Does your current phone have an IR blaster? I have the G2 with the IR blaster on top (like a regular TV remote) and it is awkward to use that way. Without the physical buttons you have to look at the screen and push the buttons. Therfore having the IR blaster on the back will make it much easier to use, that is just the natural way everybody already holds their smartphone.

Yes and a I know IR blasters tend to have a wide "blasting" angle so there might not even be a difference on its functionality by changing its location.

First of all, I almost never hold my phone perpendicular to the floor and parallel to my head, not ever.

The way I usually hold my phone at a forearm distance from my body in a 60 degree angle from the floor or even down to a 45 degree, but rarely more perpendicular than that.

When I'm watching TV I tend to leave my smartphone on the table between where I'm sitting and my TV, when I'm sitting I found more comfortable to pick my phone, and use it in a flatter angle than usual, and maybe tilt my head down a little. Maybe it's just me, maybe is that my TV is at a place a little bit higher than my phone and even myself. Sometimes, just sometimes, I even leave it on the table and just press the buttons on screen.

Anyhow, as I use it today, it's more likely more of the IR emitted light would reach the TV while I'm sitting if the IR blaster stays on top than if it changes position to the back. If I used it while standing up, the back blaster surely would become a more appropriate option, but I tend to use this feature while sitting down.

I think the best option would have been placing the IR blaster somewhere at the corner that extends between the top bezel and the back cover and tilting it at some angle.

All that been said, I'm not utterly worried by the position of the IR blaster or even if it brings one. We don't even know if that actually is a that or any other thing. And I know this just be myself thinking that's an awkward place to put it.

PS: I actually don't own the IR capable phone anymore, screen broke, so I shouldn't have started with "Yes and I ....'
PS2: I most surely would love one of this anyway. Be sure that me and my RAZR envy you and your LG G2 :-P

Cool I'm holding off on upgrading because I want to see what LG has coming up. It'll be this or the M8

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I'm excited for the G3!!

But, I am curious: isn't it a little too soon to be releasing it? The G2 just launched last fall (forgot what month). Why the rush?

Presumably, they don't want their super-premium device to play second fiddle to the GS5 Prime or whatever it's going to be called.

What he said but sadly it will still be second rate.

I also think that the August time line puts them in a tweener position. Too late for spring/summer, too early for fall/winter. With a June launch, and no prime, they would have a few months of 'newness' to themselves.

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Second rate? Why is that? The G2 wasn't second rate to any phone so what makes you think the G3 will be?