ClockworkMod recovery for the Dell Streak 7

Dell Streak 7 developer graffixnyc and his band of co-horts (check the source link to see just who to thank) have successfully built ClockworkMod recovery for the Dell Streak 7.  With some help from Koush the build seems to be able to handle everything successfully except mounting the boot and recovery partitions, because Dell is using non standard partitions.

One thing to note -- read the source link carefully before attempting to install.  There are currently (at the time of this writing) issues when flashing recovery from Rom Manager.  The developer goes over the correct (and simple) process of flashing this manually via fastboot very well, so read his instructions.  Now we can add one more reason to want the Honeycomb AOSP code. [XDA-Developers] Thanks Patrick, bogdi1988, and Josh!

Update: bogdi1988 got back in touch with us to let us know the Rom Manager issues have been sorted out, and recovery can be flashed direct.  Even awesomer.


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ClockworkMod recovery now available for the Dell Streak 7


HA nice! I wonder if the Streak 7 is available in Canada anywhere? CWM = more ROM, even Honeycomb and Cyanogemod.

However I'm looking at the Nook Color, I'm going to Las Vegas soon so I can go to B&N store there.

It is I took the picture unfortunately my primary phone the G2 doesn't do so well in my office lighting. My business phone happens to be an idevice and I took it with that. You'll notice though I have a cr48 and a G2 and of course helped in the port of this to the Android Streak 7....there's plenty of Android/Google goodness. :)

Hahahha! That was so funny when hellzya said that.

Apparently though im the guy taking a picture of an Android device with a iDevice....I might be in trouble for even owning one.

Id like to state for the record I am an equal opportunity gadget purchaser.