If Cincinnati Bell is your carrier of choice, and you have been waiting for an Android tablet to arrive, the wait is over. The first Android tablet released on their network is the Commtiva N700, which is a 7-inch tablet running Android 2.2, and powered by a 600 MHz processor. With a 480 x 800 WVGA TFT LCD display, and a 3MP camera, the tablet does not rank amongst the top available on the market, but it is also far from the bottom. Locking into a two year contract will land you this device for only $199.99 and it retails for $399.99 off contract. [Cincinnati Bell] Thanks, Josh!


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Cincinnati Bell enters tablet world with Commtiva N700


Glad to see C-Bell is getting some new hardware. But keeping up with "non name brand devices", is a downer.

Good News!! Commtiva is a re-branded Viewsonic...check Viewsonic's website and you'll see the Viewsonic 7" Viewpad, it's the same thing!

I have done the homework and basically you are getting a Viewsonic Viewpad 7 (it's the same thing) Watch a few videos on YouTube and see for's no slacker! LOL!

agreed. im assuming they only cover Cincinnati and neighboring areas. But good for them. I guess this is a decent device for a really really tiny carrier.

They are growing. From beginning with landline telephones and outdoor phones, they now do cell phones, internet, cable tv, green energy with your Electric, and now adding, it seems, electronic tablets/iphones, and Androids, and more.

To all of the previous comments...the Commtiva n700 is a re-branded Viewsonic Viewpad 7 (An excellent tablet for the price). The name Commtiva may sound crappy but the product is considerably above most of the tablets on the market. I would rate it 9.5 out of 10 and that is only because it does not have an HDMI output and the USB connector isn't standard. Look up the Viewsonic 7 on YouTube and see a review of both units. The price of $199.00 with a plan is also great. Everywhere else is $299.00 and a 2 yr plan with the re-branded Viewsonic version (which is the same device) You can buy the Viewsonic 7" tablet on Ebay for $370 and up and really save, plus allow you to use any carrier that accepts simms because they are unlocked out the box. I have actually tested one in a local store and it is fast, sleek, smooth flowing and the 600MHZ does perform quite nicely. Definitely UNDERRATED!!!

I work for a regional carrier in Iowa and we've had this tab for several months now. It's not bad at all and definitely more affordable than the Galaxy tab we also carry.

I'd consider it entry level and a good one at that.

This is probably a waste of breath at this point in time, but I have the Viewpad 7 and it is an outstanding value, chiefly because you drop in your ATT sim card, and poof, you have a giant phone on steroids with no extra data fees, no fiddling to get it to work. Because the processor is puny, it will NEVER run flash but you can use Skyfire instead for most sites. The internal storage is also puny but you can lodge most any ap you need on an optional sd card. Best of all is the capability to make a phone call the minute an email suggests you need to. Pay no attention to any complaints. This thing is perfectly servicable in every way, including the camera. You want to spend $800 bucks and tether yourself to some phone company instead just so you get some bell or whistle that a techie thinks is really cool, be my guest.

The thing will never be updated and customer service is a joke, but if you like running naked in the rain you will be happy. By the time it is completely outdated, there will be other unlocked tablets available. For $299 it is a steal--keep an eye out and you can probably get it for $250.