Motherboards and heat sinks are what little Chromecasts are made of.

With people everywhere getting their Chromecast units, you knew iFixit would be doing this soon. They've taken their tools and guitar picks and busted the thing open, and found out it's a pretty simple device.

Turns out there isn't much magic or mystery inside the casing, and there are really only two parts -- a motherboard with parts soldered in place, and a big solid aluminum heat sink. On the board itself, the interesting parts are:

  • Azure Wave AW-NH387 802.11 b/g/n WLAN, Bluetooth, FM combo module IC
  • Marvell DE3005-A1 System-on-a-chip, similar to the Marvell DE3005
  • Micron 4GB flash memory 29F16G08MAA
  • Micron D9PXV 4Gb RAM (that's Gigabits, not Gigabytes. In other words, 512MB)

IFixit considers the Chromecast a "luxury device" that you just throw away if it goes bad and replace it with a new unit. At just $35 a pop we have to agree. For tall the gory details, see the source link.

Source: iFixit


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Chromecast dongle torn open, no unicorns or leprechaun dust found inside


Future resistant?

That actually sounds kinda cool. I think I might start saying that.

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It's 512 Megabytes or 4 Gigabits of RAM. While the article is technically correct you *really* shouldn't be mixing GB and Gb on the same page like that.

Wait, that part ID 29F16G08MAA is supposedly 16Gb which is only 2 GB, not 4.
Maybe the wrong part ID, but from the part IDs, this thing actually has:
512 MB of RAM
2 GB of Flash storage

By this time next week there will be 10 other copy cats of this thing out there. And they will sell for 10 buck!!

Yep, like there are 10 copycats of the n4 that sell for $100. Google's scaling ability is tough to beat. $35 for a device like this will be tough to beat too.

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Isn't it kind of dumb to say "Marvell DE3005-A1 System-on-a-chip, similar to the Marvell DE3005"? It *IS* the DE3005, not something "like" it lol. A1 is just a stepping notation you fools!

Not sure who's more wrong..
People not knowing how to read and not realizing Jerry clearly states it is 4 GB = 512 MB.
Or Jerry ending an almost perfect written article with "For tall the gory details.."
Any who. Why is iFixit labeling 4 Gb RAM?
Is this one of those American vs The World measurement unit standards? All this time I've been thinking at least when it came to computing the units were the same everywhere.

Great now I'm following everyone!
Second sentence: correct 4 GB for 4 Gb

What happened to the edit button?

GB = Gigabyte
Gb = Gigabit

1 byte = 8 bit

When you buy these type of components from the manufacturer they are labeled in bits rather than bytes.

For those struggling with the math...

512 X 8 = 4096

That's how memory is calculated! ;-)

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Oh and I want to work where Jerry works. $35 being disposable without a second thought sounds like a fantastic salary.