Crafty Chromecast developer Leon Nicholls has rigged up his Chromecast, a laptop and a Kinect to create an app that allows you to control the Chromecast via motion and gestures. After firing up his application, this demo shows him using simple gestures to control position and playback of a video on his television, controlled by the Kinect and played through the Chromecast.

We like what we're seeing from the growing developer community the Chromecast has, and can't wait for Google to gibe the green light for apps to be released and used. Check out the video above, and see the source link to keep tabs on what Leon may think up next!

Source: +Leon Nicholls. Thanks. Martin!

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What we need is a media player that plays all formats. Not this gimmicky stuff

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Take a look at this open sourced app:
For formats not supported on the ChromeCast device, the video is transcoded in real time.

That's from computers.... What about phones

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ybcthanerd says:

This is nice, shows that a whole lot can b done with a 35 dollar accessory

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