But the device itself is still U.S.-only

Good news for anyone outside the U.S. who's managed to import a Chromecast into their country. We're hearing reports that the accompanying Android app can now be downloaded through Google Play by international users, and we've confirmed that that's the case in the UK. (AC readers have chimed in saying they're seeing it in many other countries, so it appears all regional restrictions on the app may have been lifted.)

Previously the Chromecast app, like the dongle, was unavailable to all outside the U.S. Unfortunately the device itself is still cannot be purchased from the UK Google Play Store, though the app's new international availability may signal possible changes ahead.

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Chromecast Android app now available internationally


+1 yeah, I went fast to download in Germany too. Too base GEMA doesn't allow us to have All Music =(

@ everyone
It should have been available to everyone anyway, it's outrageous for google to discriminate against regions by witholding access to certain apps.

I alone will decide what is and isn't compatible with my device. Even if the product it's supposed to accompany is not available, that is no excuse to withhold an app.

Available in Canada. Now if only Amazon didn't cancel my order after they screwed up by letting us purchase it.

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Amazon didn't cancel my order I got mine on wednesday

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Let me start with saying that on my Nexus 4 I never had any problems with chrome cast. So I got my AT&T Note 3 when it came out. I've used YouTube on it with chromecast and had no problems. Well the other day I was streaming music via chromecast and got an error a few times saying it the music was unavailable but I shrugged it off and just skipped to the next track. Well today I tried streaming again and it makes it through one or two songs and stops and shows the Google play music headphones icon thingy on the TV screen. When I pick up the phone I have to reconnect it to chromecast no error or anything. So I thought what the hell I'll just reset the chromecast and see what happens. Well when I went to do the setup it would show the chromecast in the app but I couldn't connect to it at all to do the setup it would timeout and say make sure the device is near by. I grabbed my GF's atrix hd and set up when flawless. Tried music again on my note and same problem. It just disconnects. Got the atrix hd again and I've made it through 4 songs so far with no issue. if I keep the screen on the Note unlocked it's fine. As soon as it's asleep and a song ends it stops

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Just installed in Australia, too bad we can't get the device here like most of you.. I'd buy it just to stream YouTube on my TV :( don't care about Netflix

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Still waiting to actually have it available in the UK... Sometimes Google takes the PIS# to bring anything outside the US.

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Betting you can blame sky and the BBC for the hold up. I got fed up waiting and imported one.

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I can get it from amazon for £60 but imo that's to expensive and 3 times the price it should be in the UK.. I dont get why they dont just release it, sky can't stop them really considering all it does is "stream" Netflix and YouTube And BBC would imo jump to support it really. BBC have been more than happy to make Iplayer available almost everywhere in the UK.

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I paid £43 on eBay. I have gotten my money's worth from it. I agree with you regarding BBC and sky. I just think Google want to market it as a more versatile device than it currently is.

The conflict with these companies and local content streaming is probably also causing problems internationally. It's the only explanation for the complete lack of further support and functionality

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I think they covered this in the Android Central podcast saying that the media corps might be worried that Chromecast can be rooted, and thus Google can't guarantee copyright of their content.

Android on a stick & cheapcast, sod regional restrictions. Google lucked out when they took there time. I think Google need to ditch Chromecast & build a Nexus stick it adds more functionality and would help put Android in every home much faster.

Available in Canada. Was able to change the name and set the password. Other than that I don't really see any other changes that this makes.

I have a feeling Google is going to have a couple of big announcements over the next week or two. There's been quite a bit of activity lately, both software and hardware related.

Installed in UK even though I can't get it until Christmas

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There's quite a few on the Amazon U.K. store from third party sellers for about £48, however I don't know if they're genuine or just the U.S. versions.

It's available in the Philippines, and some of the more popular retailers sell chrome cast, at a higher price, of course.

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I just downloaded it from Norway. I guess it means they are acknowledging the fact that people are importing it overseas.

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Oh, the irony. I just tried to fool Google play about my location using a VPN 2 hours ago, and what did I choose to test -- Chromecast. I felt pretty smug for the last two hours, until I read that the app has been released internationally.

Good news indeed. Hope this means they are super close to taking the SDK out of beta.

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Available to install on the Google Play Store in Egypt.
I have the HTC One, but still can't manage to buy the Chrome Cast.
Thank you for the tip.

Avalible also in Slovakia ... It updated my old version from xda dev . works perfectly with one chromecast that i got from Us

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Avalible also in Slovakia ... It updated my old version from xda dev . works perfectly with one chromecast that i got from Us

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Available Switzerland as well. Now, I've got one question. I have a working US Netflix account which works in Switzerland using extension in Chrome. Would Netflix work using Chromecast, from Switzerland or would there another kind of restriction?

Available in Thailand as well.
I have a works fine, Can I streaming media on Netflix and Hulu services on Chromecast. NOT USE EXTENSION IN CHROME !