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Google Chrome for Android has been updated over Google Play, the first such update since Google's mobile browser exited beta at Google I/O back in June. There are no major feature additions in the new versionĀ 18.0.1025308, but there is a selection of fixes for "medium"-rated security issues, as well as stability fixes.

The new Chrome also seems a tad speedier on image-heavy sites like Android Central -- let us know in the comments if you're noticing the same effect.

If you're already running Chrome, head to the "My Apps" menu in the Google Play Store to grab the new update. If you're not, you can use the Google Play link above to jump straight to the latest version. Note that you still need to be on Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich or 4.1 Jelly Bean to install Chrome.

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Chrome for Android updated with stability and security fixes


Thats a feedback thread. that doesn't show there is a battery drain issue.

Chrome runs always on my background and I use it once in a while. its takes about 2-3% battery after 2 days of use which is normal considering it runs always

still useless on Asus TF700, in fact every browser aside from Dolphin for Pad has been useless on this thing but Chrome is by far the worst on it. Chrome works perfectly fine on my S III though. /shrug

Am I the only one who thinks Chrome on Android is slow as freakin' molasses? Even the stock browser beats it on load times.

For me, at least...

Same experience here, thus why I rooted my Nexus 7 and loaded the stock AOSP browser along with Flash (set to on demand). It runs circles around any other browser IMO.

Try Dolphin for Pad, I think Chrome just doesn't like Tegra 3. Maybe it has something to do with the 5th core, Idk. Chrome is atrocious on my tf700 but works just done on my Galaxy S III (Sprint)

I don't find it slow.
Loading pages is fast.
Loading the app is fast.

Open a mostly text page in the both browsers.
Close both browsers
Settings / Apps / Running / Show cached background processes / kill all browsers.
Then open each browser again and time them. They are pretty much the same.

However, I've found that just HAVING it INSTALLED slows down my Tablets (Acer A500 and A700) even when it hasn't been used. Scrolling around on the tablet home screens, (not in the browser at all) is noticeably slower.

Others have postedthe same results.

I'll try this version and see how it works.

Agreed, compared to say Opera mobile on my phone it would definitely be molasses in winter. I avoid chrome on my phone but keep it installed just in case Google someday figures out how to make it worth using.

Sent from my Nexus S

I'll have to try out Chrome again. I used it for a while, but ended up switching to Dolphin because Chrome kept crashing on my SGSII

Chrome seems to work with Android Central and Forums.. good job.

Fftoolbox is working great now.. Using HTC one X

seems to be improved on my Gnex. Pinch to zoom is faster and AC loads quicker. Can't wait to get home and check it out in my Asus tf300

Seems slower than other browsers. I just use stock browser because it has flash. I want to like this, but it performs worse than other options. Not sure besides nice transitions this is supposed to do for me, and it's larger than other browser installs.

Seems slower than other browsers. I just use the stock browser because it has flash. I want to like this, but it performs worse than other options. Not sure besides nice transitions what this is supposed to do for me, and it's larger than other browser installs.

Took a force stop, data clear, and uninstall-reinstall to get it working for me, but the new update is working fine on my ageing Captivate. It's still kinda slow, but seems to function the best out of the browsers that I have tried once it is loaded.

feels like much faster browsing! and bookmarks display/select quicker too!

i did a clear cache/data/stop app too.

Overall it's faster but they still need to redesign the bookmark page similar to what the stock browser was. And make it as smooth in scrolling and zooming as the stock browser is.

Please Google.

Anytime you have errors downloading/updating apps from the market, this procedure will fix it 90% of the time:

-Go into Settings >Apps>All
-Go clear data *and* cache for the normal "Google Play" app
-Find the "app" on the menu called "Google Services Framework". Go in and clear it's data(cache too-if it has any-but probably won't)

Immediately after, reboot your phone, and fix permissions (for good measure) if you're a root user.
After it's booted up, just go into Google Play and accept the usual agreement. Then try downloading the app(s) again. That *should* take care of it.
This procedure *does not* wipe any important data, so don't worry about that. It's just reestablishing the link between your phone and Google Services.

I am confused how the ios version is based on chrome 21 while the android version is still based on chrome 18

I think we have more features than them anyway but this confuses me a lot

I didn't expect a few bug fixes to bring this much improvements, but pages load a lot faster. Sites like Pocketnow and Android Central load in a few seconds on my slow WiFi connection.

I just loaded before I updated, updated it, and then loaded it again and it loaded 5 whole seconds faster. Sweetness.