If you want to see how Flash runs on the HTC Hero, feel free to head over to Adobe where they've got a video look at how it all works. Overall, everything about Flash and Android looks pretty darn good--you can double tap to full screen flash videos, play flash-based games, and even access web pages that utilize Flash. For the video they played the trailer for Transformers 2 and utilized Expedia's Map feature (which is flash based). It's pretty much everything you ever wanted to do on the web, on Android.

As an added bonus, you'll get to see multi-touch demonstrated in the video as well! (hint: it works well)

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Anonymous says:

amazing! to bad the mytouch 3g doesnt have it. andriod compared to iphone and webos is joke. webos destroys andriod.

enfo says:

andriod does not suck but the pre and iphone are better. i will be getting a pre, everyone at my company seems to love it.

Scott says:

Because Android is open source is simply a matter of time.

Anybody knows the numbers of lois vuitton in CA, I need to call them and get my bag repaired.

Dfud says:

Well look at it this way, flash runs the internet and Android has flash, pre will have flash, Iphone will not be getting flash anytime soon or if even ever. its obvious who the short comer will be in the long run.

Sam says:

Pre and iphone are the best.

Thanks Casey Chan.
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