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Chase has released its mobile banking application for Android, and it seems to have been worth the wait.  If you're like me and have been using Chase's less-than-stellar mobile site, or trying your hand with SMS message inquiries, you'll be pleased with the way this one turned out.  You can track transactions, transfer funds, pay your bills and even deposit checks using Chase's Quick Deposit feature that uses a photo of the front and rear of a check to deposit it in your account.  You also have quick access to Chase telephone support built into the app, and Chase's privacy policy is included so you know exactly what you're getting yourself into. 

You'll need to be enrolled in Chase Online account services, which you'll have to do from your computer at the official website.  Chase Mobile is compatible with all versions of Android, and it's free.  Some more screenshots and download links are after the break.  Thanks to everyone who sent this in!

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Reader comments

Chase Mobile banking application now available for Android


Great app. Everything I have been waiting for.

Only problem I have found is that on the deposit check feature it automatically turns on the flash of the camera when taking pictures of a check and causes it to be blurry. Tried to change setting in the camera itself and it overrode it in the app.

Other than that glad it is here.

I've been trying to despot a check, the app makes the camera auto zoom/use flash and every pic turns out really blurry. Perhaps I'm not doing it right?

If you could take off the autofocus it would work great.

I am having the same issue. I downloaded the app and the quick deposit option doesn't come up. I have tried to find something on the Chase website and no luck. Did you find anything yet?

Im on the Pro and for the life of me cannot find this "quick deposit" feature. Could it be disable on the Droid Pro for some reason? Can anyone on the Pro confirm they have it working?

Is it something that I haven't enabled on the back/bank end maybe?

"Why does the app need gps? Is Chase going to come get you for hot checks?"

I would assume (and be happy with) the ATM and branch location services that it has onboard. Unfortunately, the EVO can't print money, so you still need to find the occasional ATM to get cash. :P

How awesome! I was just at my local branch yesterday and was asking about this!

I installed this AM and was able to deposit a small check that I had laying around and, after a few retakes of the picture, it successfully took the deposit! (Using a SGS Captivate so no flash concerns for me)

I apologize if this qualifies as a newbie question, but ... is this app secure? I feel a little wibbly about performing financial transactions like this over my phone (I know, I know, so don't install it). But I'd like to install it if it's safe.

Doesn't work for former WaMu customers. Chase customer service had no idea when it will be available to those customers. Seems like they should say that somewhere in the app, or at least on their site.

I love this app!!! So simple. It worked for me on the very first try. You need plenty of light and no shadows on the check. I have a 3G Boost Replenish and it snapped a good enough pic of my check. Of course it won't let you deposit a check that you can't get a good pic of. Come on people! This app deserves props!