Jenna Jameson's HTC Thunderbolt

An astute reader found this one on the New York Post website -- actress Jenna Jameson is sporting her new HTC ThunderBolt.  Focus on the phone (yes, there is a phone in that picture) and you'll see the distinctive kickstand and magic radio plug, which leaves little doubt that she's boltin'.  BlackBerries and iPhones everywhere are jealous.  [New York Post] Thanks, Air Force One!


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Celebrity Android sighting -- Jenna Jameson and her Thunderbolt


If you know the definition of the word Celebrity then yes. If you don't go by word definitions then maybe not.

celebrity, famous, infamous..
of course the definitions are similar but i wouldn't consider them the same. Jeffrey Dahmer is famous but i would never consider him a celebrity

famous and infamous are not the same thing, those are opposites.
She is held in a favorable light in the porn industry and whether you like it or not that makes her a celebrity.

The Porn industry is one of the largest industries on earth, again whether you like it or not.

Jeffery Dahmer is infamous not famous so your analogy does not hold water.

Personally i dont care for her, i wouldnt go out of my way to speak to her in a mcdonalds line. But I cant deny that she is extremely well known, covered by media, and held in a favorable light by those that do care for what she does.

Well she is one of the very few pornstars who are relatively known outside the world of porn. She has appeared in Family Guy and she has done some non-porn movies too... And her book was on NYT bestsellers list... But again, so was Snooki's..

Her movies are probably seen by more people than some of the Hollywood actresses out there. It's just not many admit it.

I'm more amazed at her being called an 'actress.' We all know... I mean, have heard that porn stars can't act.

Since she she fit the definition of the word
A celebrity (sometimes referred to as a celeb in popular culture) is a person who has holds a high degree of recognition in a society or culture. Generally speaking, a celebrity is someone who receives media attention and in certain circumstances displays an extroverted personality.

We appearently all know he = high degree of recognition

This article and hundreds of other publications/interviews = someone who receives media attention

and can you get anymore extroverted

I dont think its a thunderbolt. She is prego in this pic, well she already had 2 twin boys like over a year ago at least. Pretty sure it wasn't released then.

Look at the kickstand, first off, it has a kick stand, not many phones back then had a kickstand. Second, look at the hole under the kick stand, also... look at the camera position. Look at the size of the phone. Its a fricking Thunderbolt. She's a porn star, its entirely possible that she got pregnant again and u didn't no.

People need to get their pannies out of their ass. Its a slow day, clearly its something to read.

Why the quotes? Do you think all the moans, groans and calls to a deity are real? If not, then it's acting just like any other type.

All the more reason to check AC. Btw, are u sure there is a phone in the pic? J/k I had a girl look at the pic and point it out 2 me.

This is not news in any sense of the word. Are a bunch of high school boys running this website?

Can we get some grown ups to be put in charge here?

This has to be an old pic. Jenna is not currently pregnant. There are pics of her from March during her twin's 2nd birthday party and her stomach is flat.

The maturity of some!

for max nerdsauce, i went to her twitter and looked at the EXIF on her some recent pics they are from Htc ADR6400L which is the thunderbolt. confirmed. as for the rest about her, who cares.

That's Jenna Jameson? I'd never recognize her with her clothes on.. LOL! Besides,... since I don't know much about her private life, I trust Jerry and choose to believe that's a Thunderbolt she's sporting. Gives a whole new meaning to "pornstars like it big".. ;)

Why would you clutter the front page of AC with crap like that? Who cares what phone Jenna Jameson is using.