Music is a big part of my life, as is my Android device since it keeps me in contact with everyone no matter where I am. While on the go I like to listen to music between destinations or while waiting for the next event to take placee, and sometimes it is hard to find just the right music for the mood. Solutions like Pandora and Slacker are great, but sometimes just listening to the FM radio is enough variety and has just the right selections. Whether your prefer local or standard FM channels, TuneIn Radio is a great free application that allows you to browse and listen to a huge variety of music while on the go. The application is supported by a small ad on the bottom, which is a small trade for the $0.00 pricetag associated with it and the vast variety of music that will now be in your hands at all times. Download links after the jump, give it a shot today!


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Catch your favorite FM channel on the go with TuneIn Radio


Oh man...what a great app...thanks for the heads-up...Now I can listen to Bobby Hebert & Deke Bellavia & the rest of the WhoDat Nation on WWL from anywhere without lugging around a radio...My Droid Eris doesn't have FM tuner hardware so this is awesome...

This app pulls local and standard FM from the internet through wifi/3g rather than picking up the ota FM signal. It just figures "local" based on where the station is located compared to your location. I have this app and highly recommend it. I found the app due to dissatisfaction with another app that did a similar thing but imo did not work as well. Try it, you'll like it.

Very very well done application! This will do just fine until the MIUI guys decide to open-source their FM code to cyanogen so he can merge it with CM6. Ultimately it'd be nice to just use FM signal instead of pulling the stream down over data connection, but props to the creators of this app!

Been using TuneIn for a while, it's an OK app but it cuts off way too often and luckily my favorite station also has a website and thankfully for 2.2 and flash player, I can listen to them uninterrupted.

you'll still need iheart for Clear Channel stations. I'm trying this primarily for the CBS stations, and it gets others too. Y! radio is comparable to this, I'm hoping that this is a bit more stable.

Its funny you review this app. The ESPN Radio app is horrible but this app plays the local channel better than their app. I want my money back....lol

Being a former Blackberry user, I had a similar app called Nobex. My biggest fear when I switched to Android was not having an app that I can listen to radio stations from all over the country. But TuneIn is even better than Nobex. I found it right in time before I started traveling for my job so I can listen to ESPN radio for free and from what I hear, does a better job. Wonderful app!

This is very similar to Nobex radio that I used on my Blackberry. Works well, but with all radio apps that ACTUALLY use radio stations, not just give me music, it cuts out for 5 to 30 seconds or more at times. The other annoying thing is that if a station you want to listen to has a sporting event, it gets blocked and you hear some other programming that was previously run. I don't understand why it gets blocked. If I were in the area I would listen to it. Just because I have to leave town, I can't listen to the radio broadcast of my team?????

This is the EXACT same app as RADIOTIME - on free with a different name from the same developer. Nice they are offering a free version...

I've been using this app for a while & very satisfied. It does cut out from time to time but overall it's solid. Some of the stations do come in weak while others are crystal clear. I plug my droid up to my car stereo and jam to stations coast to coast & all the way from Jamaica!

I've used this app since buying my Epic last month, and I love it. It's quick to load, especially on wifi, and the stations come in clear as a bell.

Wow, this is pretty nice. I've used Pandora and like that. Just browsing through what's available I found Q101 in Chicago, KTRS and KMOX in St. Louis(go AM!) but I didn't see WRZX in Indianapolis. I did a search for it and it says it's blocked by the broadcaster. Uh oh, I'm guessing this is because it's a Clear Channel station. Then I find out that iheartradio carries it and was put out by CC. Great... or not. I can't get it to ever connect to WRZX, so now I'm back to flawlessly listening to Q101 through TuneIn.

I've had this App for a few weeks now and I love it. I can wake up and Listen to the Freakshow from Tampa or El Bacilon from New York... Love it.