All About AndroidIt's my pleasure to announce that I'll be joining Jason Howell, Ron Richards and Gina Trapani tonight on TWiT's "All About Android" show to talk about the new Xbox One. Wait. That's not right. We'll be talking Android. All about Android. But maybe a little bit about the Xbox One. And a lot about last week's Google I/O, and maybe a bit about CTIA this week.

The show should kick off somewhere around 5 p.m. PDT -- that's 8 p.m. on the East Coast -- but things are a little bit in flux due to today's live Xbox One coverage. So check in to and show 'em what the Android Central fan base can do, won'tcha?

See y'all this evening!


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Catch Phil tonight on TWiT's All About Android!


I hate to be that guy, Phil, but Ron's name is Richards. Not Rivera, which is Eileens last name. I don't think that Tom would approve.
Can't wait to see you on the show, though. You make a great guest.

That's funny. I didn't START watching AAA until Gina started on the show. I have caught quite a few episodes of TwiG, though.

I've unpublished the comments that have anything to do with anyone's personal life.

Please don't make me close comments entirely. And please don't make me start banning people.

I'm happy because it is the right thing to do, but sad because now my comment doesn't make any sense and I look like an idiot...