Casio G'zOne Commando

Verizon Wireless has released the official Android 2.3 build for the Casio G'zOne Commando, available via OTA update now. In addition to Gingerbread, software version C771M070 adds a number of performance improvements, including reduced lag and a fix to the proximity sensor. If it hasn't pushed to your Commando yet, you can manually initiate the update (Menu Key > Settings > About phone > System Updates > Check New). Full update instructions, as well as a list of features and improvements, can be found at the source link.

Source: Verizon Wireless

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onixblack says:

lol wow everything is getting Gingerbread

Mobius360 says:

Not everything...Sittiing here scratching my head wondering what has happened to the US based Galaxy S line.

It is awesome to see less popular phones get some love, props to Casio & Big Red.

El Jefe says:

"...scratching my head wondering what has happened to the US based Galaxy S line."

Uh...were you not around for the whole "Froyo fiasco"? LOL.

Except the galaxy s phones.

BrianTufo says:

People own this to upgrade it to GB? lol

Mike77 says:

Samsung lol

supercluver says:

Yeah I love that every P.O.S under the sun seems to be getting GB update, except something like the Samsung Epic on Sprint. What. The. Hell. So glad I dumped that thing for a Nexus S.

OrionAntares says:

Just because you aren't part of the market niche this targets doesn't make it a POS.

bbqdroid says:


Actually, it's not a bad phone. No, it isn't a flagship product, but, if you need a smartphone that can take a beating, the Commando is a good choice.

workerkid9 says:

the commando is the best smartphone

richardpandy says:

Damn, my droid charge doesn't even have GB yet.

robotaholic says:

love all things Casio

Windfrenzy says:

Eff me and my Epic. Crying OL.

Joel Byford says:

Upgrade works nice once installed. Had a bit of difficulty getting it installed. First attempt failed and had to factory reset before the phone would try to re-apply the patch.