Case Mate Naked Tough Case for the Samsung Galaxy S5

Get tough and still show off your phone


It's one the dilemmas we face when we spend a lot of money on a new smartphone. Do we cover it up with a case and look after it or do we run 'naked' and show it off in all its glory. With the Naked Tough Case from Case Mate for the Samsung Galaxy S5 that dilemma becomes easier to solve because it gives you the best of both situations.

It's made up of two parts; a pretty tough, clear plastic shell and a clear bumper that goes around the edges of the phone and has the buttons on it. Put the phone into the bumper then put the whole thing into the shell and you've got something snug, secure and something that lets whichever color Galaxy S5 you chose shine through.

With it being completely clear, the Naked Tough is pretty slick to hold on to, but it's not so bad that you'll have to worry about holding on to it. The whole thing together feels substantial, yet not too bulky, and its actually a really nice addition to keep your phone safe without covering it up altogether.

It doesn't cost the earth and it's got more than enough where it matters to protect against those accidental drops and the general daily grind.

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Reader comments

Case Mate Naked Tough Case for the Samsung Galaxy S5


I could use a case like this right now I'm using a rubber 20 dollar case from the Verizon store it's been good but it get scuffs easy on the back.

Posted via Nexus 7 2013 or Galaxy S5

I gave the Moto X version of that case to my brother. It feel nice, but it didn't protrude far enough and the baby still managed to throw the phone and break the tempered glass.

How's it do with dirt? I've found a lot of clear cases to show dirt more.

Posted via the Android Central App