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Task killers seem to be the one subject that will never die, and carriers seem to be a big part of the reason why.  First things first -- task killers only make things worse.  I've said it, folks like Cyanogen have said it (for fun, try filing a bug report with CM 6 and mention that you use a task killer), and even the folks who wrote Android have said it

So why do the carriers (notably Verizon, but I'm sure it happens elsewhere) insist on forcing one onto your new Android phone?  I've heard from two separate sources that it is not Verizon policy, nor is it in the training to pre-install task killing software on Android phones that are being set-up, but reports of it happening (like the source link at the end of this post) are so numerous that I'm starting to wonder.  This is where you come in.  Cory (our forums administrator) has set up a poll asking about your purchasing experience and if it included a task manager.  We need you all to answer so we know just what we're fighting against.  And a word to those of you who might be new to Android -- if your carrier did install a task manager for you, do yourself a favor and uninstall it right after you vote in the poll.  [Android Central Forums]


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Carriers still pushing task killers? Help us help you!



How can you say task managers are a bad thing? Sure, the way some people have ones that are automatically killing things in the background in order to free up not-being-used RAM or something - fine, but they're DOING IT WRONG.

Quick example, happened the other day, Google Maps errored and then refused to open. I would select it, it would open and close immediately. Now I could have gone ahead, sat, and waited for the background OS to simply take care of the process when it finally deemed it the right time or I could of rebooted my phone entirely and lose everything else I was doing and be inconvenienced or - like I did do in the situation - killed the failing process that was left open immediately with a task killer and sure enough, it then opened without issue. It's preposterous that you don't want people to be able to control the processes on the device - honestly mind boggling.

Or you could have used Android's built in solution to close misbehaving applications, as is recommended by everyone who has read, written, or understands the Android source.

Using a task killer as you have described is merely a shortcut to that exact function of the OS.

What version of Android are you running? If you're on at least 2.1, I still don't see why you would need a 3rd party task killer even for that example. Settings -> Applications -> Running Services, find the process related to the Maps application and tap to stop it.

I must agree that task killers are not always a bad thing. I use Advanced Task Killer on a daily basis on my Fascinate, without it the phone runs SUPER slow thanx to the lack of RAM. Using the ATK widget, I am able to kill all running tasks in one fell swoop, rather than going into my app settings and scrolling through all the running apps to free up some memory. IMO, it's better to let the Android system take care of shutting down one task(Advanced Task Killer), then waiting for it to shut down the(sometimes as many as 22) processes that r running in the background! But this is the Fascinate, and Android 2.1 I'm talking about here...on my DInc, I stopped using ATK, and only sometimes use the "End All Tasks" widget from System Panel Lite. So maybe it's a hardware issue, maybe it's a software (2.1 vs 2.2) issue, but I don't think anyone can say that using a task killer is taboo!

P.S.~ I have done the "lag fix" on my Fascinate in case anyone is wondering...I still have to kill all tasks after my phone has been idle for a while.

the more you auto kill, the more your device will hang. Task killer effs up the natural way your device is built to handle tasks. It's like pulling the plug on your computer to shut down word.

Yes, the fascinate is prone to more issues than most, but the task killer will cause errors to build up in your files.

Android has a built in "Task Killer" if you need/have to kill something. Most people just don't know where to find it.

I worked for an at&t dealer where everyone (except me) who sold an Android phone would tell the customer that a task killer was necessary because it helped save battery and made the phone run better. No matter what I said they still did it, and some is them have Android phones! More than one person came back with problems because the sales person set the task killer to auto kill every hour.

ive went a whole day using task-killer and another without it and i can def say that the task killer that i use works, (the red droid icon). advanced task killer doesnt work as efficient because even if you dont exclude the app itself when you kill the apps, it wont kill itself. but to each his/her own. im happy with my taskkiller.

Nobody said they didn't work.

They work too well, they make matters worse, they use more battery.
And one day is not an adequate test.

I have a task killer but I only use it if a program hangs. I had Pandora one time just freak out and I couldn't kill it. So I opened up my task killer and killed it manually.

But, yes, auto killing is just stupid.

Task killer helps my phone run much better, if I don't kill stuff my phone lags hardcore, so I call BS on this article. I dont care how you argue it, it helps my phone work better and thats all that matters.

The only way that's the case is if your running a G1, original MyTouch 3G, or Hero. No highend Android device needs a taskkiller.. so I call b.s. on your b.s.

My bad, lol... I forgot about that device. Yeah, that would fall into the same category as the G1 and MT3G. Low-end devices with limited amounts of RAM are one thing. My cousin's Evo 4G is another. Sprint installed ATK on his phone without really asking him.

I don't understand your passion for this. I have a task killer, and I know how (and when) to use it, and it's a heck of a lot easier that what is baked into the OS.

I have a Droid 1. When my phone seems to slow to a crawl, I hit the home button and quickly select the Advanced Task Killer widget...a few seconds and 8 or so killed apps later, my phone is snappy again.

I know you guys say I don't need it, but experience shows me otherwise. That said, I know what I'm doing and have very carefully selected which apps to exclude.

To answer the question, at Verizon many moons ago...they didn't install a task killer...but rather told me that if my phone starts acting weird to just pull the battery!

For the record...I don't think a carrier employee should install a task killer unless it's the policy of the carrier to do so. If it's the policy of the carrier to install one, then there needs to be a well defined, well supported, and well tested configuration.

Don't confuse your case with the norm. You admit you understand the how and when, and use the task manager as an interface to the Android task killer because it's easier. I do the same on some of my phones, because waiting for the App list to populate in settings takes longer than I like :)

The issue is with people who aren't sure of what they're doing, are taking the word of carrier reps as if it came from the bible, then contact someone here at Android Central (or any of the other Android websites) in desperation because mail won't sync, wifi won't stay connected, Home button causes force closes, etc etc -- or even worse -- get discouraged and decide to give up. To top it off, a call to the carrier usually only results in them advising you reset the phone.

The trade off of not using a task killer on older hardware like the Droid or Hero with limited memory is that things get slow for a bit after you've opened a bunch of apps, but it soon clears up after the kernel and system have killed off what's not being used and gets the memory back under the threshold. FWIW, 512MB of RAM pretty much fixes that problem with Android 2.2 installed.

A slow phone every once in a while beats a phone that won't run correctly because some dodo at the cell phone store told them to kill off apps with an automatic task killer, and half of our time isn't spent fixing it.

Jerry, this debate leads me to an equally important question then:

how often do you recommend a reboot?

My phones never keep the same software configuration for more than a fews days, but my wife's Hero has gone since mid-July without being rebooted. I asked her if it was slow, she said "sometimes, but it speeds back up again if I stop messing with it."

It's about as far from the stock OS as humanly possible, so YMMV.

Never. There should be no reason to ever reboot your phone unless there is a serious problem. On my Evo, I have never had to reboot it except the rare cases of:

1) An OS upgrade
2) I had to change the battery twice (because I had a spare battery with me)
3) I upgraded the microSD card.

All three are rare, so I am running day after day, week after week, month after (well, you get the idea) without ever rebooting. My phone doesn't "get slow", or "unreliable". And it doesn't crash or freeze either. Occasionally I will run across a not-so-great app that will get forced closed, however.

I don't know if System Panel just uses shortcuts to the system task killer, and so working "natively" but I definitely find manually killing services is definitely necessary. I think it depend what you do with your phone to a large extent. Some people maybe shouldn't mess with them but my experience is that it is required for me if I am going to use android.

" but I definitely find manually killing services is definitely necessary."

Define necessary.

Services are the LAST thing you should be killing. If you download lame apps that misbehave thats one thing. But SERVICES?

Define one instance where you found it "NECESSARY" to kill a service?

I think if you know how to work the task killer then there fine. But the average person its a big no no. I have my EVO and I use task manager from adao team and I love it. I never have any FCs or random reboots and I never have lag also. That is just my opinion though

I have to say my friend bought a samsaung galaxy s from verizon, and it was there first smart phone. They were a little lost at first so I told them to come over and I can show them at thing or too and help them figure out how to customize it a little. Lo and behold the first thing I noticed on the phone was a task killer icon on the notification bar. I looked at her and asked "why did you install this?" she told me she didn't and the lady at verizon installed some stuff that she said she really needed to help the phone. I couldn't believe it. My thoughts aren't so much whether or not task killers are good (personally I don't care for them) but I think it's pretty ballsey for some rep to just start downloading non-verizon apps. where does it end? what if a rep thinks "oh touch wiz sucks, let me install launcher pro". Tho I hate bloat where at least it's offical. Don't go stick random apps on my phone if they don't belong there.

They've done it, and reposted it, countless times.

This is the nature of the internet.

You can't provide Everything in one post or you get TLDR, but if you take the time to post something, people forget it in just a few days.

They, and countless others, have explained it quite well.

If people are confused, they should research it a bit. AC has a search bar, so does your phone, and so does your browser. AC is here for information, which means it will be (by nature) large.

KNowing everything is impossible. Knowing the method to finding anything you need is the definition of power online.

the day i purchased my epic, a sprint salesperson downloaded advanced task killer for me and said it was a necessity, but no worries i'm uninstalling it now.

The reason many carriers push a task killer is many users do not understand how their phone works nor do they care… they just bitch when it is slow and laggy and a task killer is a quick fix to speed it back up. Its not fixing any problems other than a quick speed boost for customer that expect a smart phone to run as perfectly smooth as their Sanyo 8400 flip phone did. Is it putting a band aid on a gunshot wound? Absolutely. But when techs in a carrier store deal with 50 people a day that have no business in a smartphone nor any interest in learning how their phone works, it stops the bleeding. Sadly to say these people are not tech savvy enough to understand the intricacies of Android or any other smartphone OS. These are the same people that are mad that their 1Ghz, SAMOLED, “phone” only stays charged til 5pm. So do reps and techs paint all customers with this broad paintbrush, yup. But since people like anyone reading these comments are in the minority its just plain simpler.

System panel speeds up my phone when i use it. Based on my experience my dx never slows to a crawl but gets a tad laggy after closing some apps, so who knows if it makes you feel better to use it go ahead, if you're against it dont use it.

I've used a task killer for a considerable amount of time (several months) and then removed it and haven't re-installed it since. Based on my experience (and that of some of my friends and acquaintances using the same device) I can confidently say that task killers do more harm than good and seem to work against the Android system after a point.

D1 running 2.2 FRG22D, non-rooted

I use an app called "Task Manager" and have it set to kill tasks 3 minutes after screen lock. Now suffice it to say, I have managed my exclusion list well and understand what background processes to exclude. The main reason I use Task Manager is Verizon bloatware. I find that City ID and other Verizon apps are constantly activating themselves when I use messaging or other direct phone use items. I simply use it to control them. I also end up with 8 different unneeded startup apps running when I boot the phone. The Task Manager widget is the first button press on reboot. While I don't notice much difference in battery life on my Fascinate, it definitely improves lag. Also, ATK killed my battery, but Task Manager doesn't. Just my two cents.

You obviously don't understand how android uses RAM. Unlike a pc, the ram on android is a good thing when it is used. The used ram doesn't slow down the system, it speeds it up. By having the bloatware started up in the ram, it just sits there using NO processor power until you decide to use it. If you do use it, the ram opens it right up, using less processor power and battery. If your task killer closes the bloatware down, it uses processor cycles to close it down, then at some point, the bloatware will reopen itself, causing an endless cycles that uses battery, as where if you just let the bloatware sit in the ram unused, it uses NO battery and no processor power. The biggest problem is people THINKING they know, instead of actually knowing. That is what VZW reps do, think they know, but actually do not.

The sad thing is this is well documented information all over the web, but people continue to believe what they want without knowledge or facts........kinda like Republicans. Obama cut taxes, stimulus worked, bank bail outs prevented financial collapse and will yield a profit within a decade but public perceptions are the exact opposite.

Ignorance is no substitute for knowledge, but society prefers reality TV.

I'm not wrong though, about android, or the political comments.

Ignorance is no substitute for knowledge, but most who think they have knowledge are mostly ignorant.

For the record i'm pretty positive Verizon is pushing task killers on all android phones. I was with someone while they were getting their Droid Inc about 2 weeks ago and the lady that was ringing us up took literally 1 hour and was like 80 years old. She was also constantly staring at what looked like to be a instruction sheet on how to activate the phone. She had absolutely no idea how to work the phone and when she finally gave it to us she had installed Advanced task killer and a couple of other apps. I protested and someone who was way more knowledgeable about phones stepped in. Pretty much the only thing he could say about why they install Advanced Task Killer on Android phones is because it works "Great".
Not really the most exciting story but i figure i should share my reasoning as to why i think all Verizon stores are pushing task killers on android devices.

I have advised no less than 10 friends to purchase an Android phone (all Verizon) and ALL 10 came back with Task Killers. Verizon needs to do a better job of educating their sales reps on this very subject and that using a Task Killer can actually hurt your phones performance, not help it.

I agree. It is not normal.

I suspect some people install apps that also have unnecessary background services running for some reason.

1) People use them to kill apps that are not misbehaving. Which is a waste of time and does nothing.

2) People use them to kill services that are not misbehaving and then it stops legitimate stuff from working (like mail syncing and update checks)

3) People use them to setup AUTOKILLING, which does 1) and 2) with even more messy consequences.

Misbehaving apps are usually handled automatically by Android Linux and don't need "help". In the case they are not, there is also a method for doing that through stock Android without the need for a task killer. Unused yet loaded apps do not "use up memory" nor "slow down the phone". They are just cached and unloaded *if* you need the memory for something else.

I will admit it is very irritating that carriers pre-load their crapware into the cache, even though it usually doesn't cause any problems.

I ran ATK on my Intercept for about a month before I stumbled across an article similar to this one saying that it's the devil. I uninstalled then & haven't regretted it in the least over the past 2 months.

I'm confused! I'm new to android & I have a EVO & lately I find that I'm constantly running low on memory every time I download a new app (Too many apps perhaps?) So if a task killer/manager isn't the answer to my problem, what is?

A task killer frees up RAM. Your applications are stored on ROM. Big difference.. task killers can't help with app storage running low.

Um, no. Downloaded applications are stored on Flash, not ROM. ROM is read-only-memory.

In his case, he is running out of "storage" not "memory". He needs to start installing apps on the SD (Flash) card.

The messed up thing is not all apps will shut down once you hit home. So then Android has to step in and shut it down when it runs low on memory automatically. So I would advise you to if you don't need the app to run continuous in background hit the back.button until you exit that app. Or it will slow down your phone

Sorry, but that is just nonsense. It doesn't matter how you leave the application. If the app is programmed correctly, it will suspend and use zero CPU when it has no focus (unless it is DESIGNED to run in the background, like a music player, for example). It will be killed/closed automatically, if necessary, if the system needs more RAM, based on how recently it was last used.

I wouldn't say nonsense. It is true that if the app is programmed correctly, it will auto suspend, but in my experience only about half the apps I download are programmed correctly at first. I like to use the back button to exit out. Things like NFL mobile and MLB app still use CPU cycles when you hit the home and not exit out. Yes they load right back up if I don't exit out, but it really doesn't that long to reload the app. In my experience, I do see a little difference in battery power if I exit out with the back button rather than just hit home. I still would not use a task killer though. Usually within a month or two, an update comes out for the app correcting the problem, but untill that update comes, i don't want that app wasting battery. We all know there are apps that waste battery and don't get fixed till users give the feedback. Facebook got an update that ruined battery life at first. It was fixed quickly, but that is because of high demand.

Almost everyone here that is against task killer says that its only a temporary fix or a short cut to whats already baked in to the
Android OS. THAT'S THE POINT! Who the hell wants to go into the Menu, then setting and so on... to force close an app that is acting up when it can be as simple as a one button fix! There is no need to have task killer running 24/7 but it does have its place. Anyone who doesn't fully understand task killers and what needs to be excluded from being killed on your phone should definitely do your homework. Exclusion is the key! But those of us that do know, find it to be a helpful tool.

For those very very occasional times when an app goes wonky, the built-in task killer is fine. So there's no need for a third party one to begin with. Why do u need a shortcut on the homescreen for something u shouldn't need more than once every couple months or so, if that? If you need to use it more often, then you probably have a bum app on your phone that is the underlying issue.

The built-in task killer is fine for a computer savvy person-- if I showed it to my mother, and then showed her ATK, and asked which she'd rather use, Advanced Task Killer would win.

To put things in perspective, my mother knows how many windows processes are usually running when she scans for adware, and I've walked her through replacing a hard drive over the telephone, so she's not scared of technology, she's just not a wizard at it.

So you pull the plug on your computer every time you want to shut down your browser?

That's doing the same thing as using a task killer.

Sorry menno, but that's FUD. Removing the battery any time you want to kill an app, THAT would be the equivalent of unplugging your computer to shut down your browser.

Using Task Manager to kill your browser, that would be a closer example to a task killer.

And please, enough with the file corruption mantra-- this isn't assembly code running directly on the CPU, this is a highly managed VM running under a fairly intelligent OS. You can't expect me to believe that Google is so incompetent that there isn't a graceful shutdown signal-- and that's what the task killers SHOULD be using. Even a forced quit shouldn't corrupt files that are only open for read-only, so the real risk is to your data/config files, not the system files or the executables. Even there, the onStop event handler allows a good programmer to save all their data once the app loses focus, so the risk from killing an app should be minimal.

Having said all that, the Android OS does a pretty good job of shutting down unnecessary apps, so using a task killer in anything other than "manual" mode is redundant, and likely to cause more confusion than it solves.

Task Killers used wrong (automated, for example) are bad.

Task Killers used right (ie, if you know what you're doing), aren't necessarily evil, but should come with a huge warning label.

ok so it seems like task killers are bad. why?? ive been using one since atk was louded as a great app. from these pages no less. why are they bad??? i have the moment with 2.1 and run atk to stop apps every half hour, with no problems. my stand by battery life is all day not just 2 - 4 hours like it was without it. i have only recently begun having problems due to the ota firmware upgrade. so unless someone can let me and the rest of us who ask why are they bad, i will use my atk with no ill effects.

Do All these stupid noobs that keep posting "mind telling me whats wrong with task killers?" not know how to F'n read? Read the story. Follow the link to the Developers of Android story and understand why you should NOT USE TASK KILLERS! IF you could read you would understand Android operates/functions in a different way because of the constraints of a mobile environment and handles its memory constraints in a way that is not beneficial to use TK....morons!

Sprint was horrified when I told them I was using one before they fixed the problem.

I like the ease of the samsung one rather than having to go through all those menus.i didn't like the atk interface.

so euortrash instead of cursin the heavens about us noobs why dont you in your obvious infinate wisdom explain why there bad. like i said i have never had a problem with my phone running atk.

OMG! really Dude? Did you not READ! my post. Do you not undertand how to follow a link referenced in the story and READ? WOW! Let me hold your hand then......
Here is the link referenced above which you obviously can't see or READ! You should follow it and have somebody else in your household READ it to YOU since you abviously don't have a grasp of written language. It is a blog written by the one of the "DEVELOPERS" of Android OS (that means they wrote the Android operating system) and explains in full detail why TK's are not good, and is why it was referenced by Android Central .....

I have only had my evo a week and never had a task killer. Phone got laggy once so I moved my apps to SD card and it sped right back up. I do have to say there are a lot more idiots on this site compared to precentral (the people asking a question that has been answered 5 times in the same post). I guess you get a few of those when you are dealing with trendy phones.

Moving apps from the built-in flash storage to the SD card storage will make absolutely no difference in speed or operation of the phone or how much memory (RAM) is used or available.

I am really getting sick of people telling me I dont need a Task killer.

Until every single app on Android comes with an "exit" button, I need a task killer. There are times when you need to force an App to exit. Maybe I want to simply re-start the app because it is causing problems or isnt working right. It isnt necessarily about memory.

If the OS had a way of doing this without navigating several menus, we would not need task killers. But the people complaining about them need to STFU until they have a better solution.

Settings>Applications>Manage Applications> Running tab, scroll to misbehaving applications, hit Force Close.
Brilliant! I guess you need to stfu....

No, your problem is that you're running garbage apps then. A properly written app will SUSPEND and utilize 0% CPU when you leave it. It will stay that way in memory until a predetermined free RAM threshold is reached, then Android will close the app itself based on which app has gone unused the longest.

Eurotrash, calm down buddy. Getting on a message board and calling people idiots does not make you more intelligent, contrary to popular belief.

I am so tempted to go camp at a Verizon store and rescue people from this issue. The average consumer blindly trusts the rep in those stores to guide them into the world of android but most of the time the reps are wrong!!! I've been inside a sprint store helping my parents get an android phone and got to talking to an elderly couple there about android phones and the other phones that were in the store. At the time the only phones there were the moment and the Hero but after talking to the couple about those phones and other phones in the store i had convinced that couple (unknowingly) that i worked there. When i told them that i didn't they were like "oh you should" and a few minutes later left the store. Probably could have sold them a phone if i did lol.
Anyway my point is people who walk into carrier stores trust the people who work there to guide them. They (the consumer) don't know about androidcentral (tho i am tempted to create business cards for the site to pass out to people that i see carrying an android phone. Can i Phil? lol) or other sites that will teach them about their device and let's be honest these bad boys do a lot.

when it comes to task killers the only one that i use is the one that is comes with stock epic. It does it well and just great. Seems like Samsung understands the android system and designed a task manager not task killer that works well. it doesn't kill essential system apps. Jerry what is your take on the stock Epic task manager?

So the consensus is if your phone is having problems (apps acting strange) you get a pass for using an task killer.........and if your phone is acting strangly............ fix it by removing the task killer :)

The biggest problem is that people have OCD and think if they see apps running, they have to constantly be closed. People don't understand that they are just dormant processes, using no battery. The main reason task killers are bad is that they make your battery life WORSE. It takes more battery and processing power to reopen a closed app from fresh. You have to understand how the OS works to truly understand how task killers do more harm than good. Don't just read, COMPREHEND, my friend.

IMO, this is just residual Windows Mobile OCD. With that OS, you needed to close apps to keep it running smooth. People need to realize Android is miles ahead of Windows Mobile.

Straight from my new Fascinate User Manual:

Task Manager
Your phone can run applications simultaneously, with some
applications running in the background.
Use Task Manager to see which applications are running on your
phone, and to end running applications to extend battery life. You
can also uninstall applications from your phone and see how
much memory is used by applications.
Task Manager provides information about applications, including:
• Active applications: View and end running applications.
• Package: View and uninstall application packages.
• Summary: View memory usage.
• Help: Useful tips for extending battery life.

I bolded the part I found most interesting. What it is failing to tell users is what the negative effects are of using a task manager.

When I first started using Android on my TP2, I used ATK regularly as the phone has limited memory already, and with the port to the TP2 being in progress, I needed all the speed I could. After reading a few articles about them though (and likely some progress in the port) I rarely use it anymore and only do so on occasion, and I don't close everything, just stuff that did not exit. Overall, my TP2 runs better without a task killer. I'll still install it, but will use it sparingly. Luckily, I got my Fascinate over the phone, so no reps will be touching it to install things I don't want.

I don't have a Fascinate, but I'm fairly certain they are referring to the built-in Task Manager, not something like ATK.

That being said, the description from the manual seems inaccurate. That's kind of troubling, but I don't think anyone reads phone manuals anymore. Well, besides you.


Samsungs Task manager and ATKs are 2 different thing. At least Samsung's does not have an auto-killer function, just gives you an interface wich is kinda like the same as its offered by the OS itself.
I'm using int. SGS i9000, never had the need of any task killers (built-in or downloaded crap). My carrier is T-Mobile, thx 2 God they didnt put a single bloatware on my device.

I love the task manager. I tried using just the os but it it's too many steps. I just hit the widget and its done. That's one thing are miss about pre cause u just throw the card away. Android should just steal that idea

After reading about how Android controls the RAM and with the 2.2 upgrade I have basically stopped using my Advanced Task Killer and let Android do all the work as it was designed too. I still have ATK on my phone but force myself not to use it to actually save battery life by closing down apps that are only going to start themselves back up again. I might use it once a week to close apps that I have opened that I dont use very often so I just clear them out because like they said the bloatware will come back up anyway.Dosen't hurt or slow down the phone at all, but it is intresting to ask a carriers salesperson to explain the Task killer and how it works and what it does....then just sit back and get a good laugh too yourself.

the sprint reps are hilariously dumb when it comes to smartphones. I went in for a hardware problem. My power button was sticking causing the power options menu to show. The lady took a look at it and then downloaded Advanced task killer from the market. lol. she explained to me what it was and i just played dumb along with her so i didnt sound like the type of person who would root their phone. lol. its kinda fun playing stupid with them.

I went into verizon with my D1 because I was unable to receive picture messages after a number port. They told me to wait 15-20 minutes while they tried to fix the port. When I came back the tech had installed Advanced Task Killer on my phone without me asking. I almost dove over the counter to smack him! How can you be a Tech and think that ATK is needed with anything over 1.6 or one of the crap low-end android os phones? RUNNING SERVICES HELLO!

"Task killers seem to be the one subject that will never die, and carriers seem to be a big part of the reason why."

And where to bloggers fall on the list?

I just uninstalled ATK from my D1 2.2. We'll see how it runs for a while. It makes sense with the battery life, but how does that make it laggy? The only thing I saw anybody answer with was misplaced files or something?

I'm new to the Android world so can you guys answer a cpl of things on this task killer? If I delete my task killer & just leave the apps open themselves and leave them sit in the back ground will they use any of my battery life and eat into my data allowance or was I misled in store. I'm using the Samsung Galaxy S & my son is using a lower end HTC starter android for want of a better word.
Any help is appreciated, also how do you"root" your android phone, what exactly does this mean? As I said I'm new but eager to learn..

Lots of opinions. I am skeptical of both main views. Can anyone show me the DATA as proof of their postulate?

I'm not going to give you data, but I will leave you with this reminder: the people that created the operating system tell you not to use task killers, because they cause more problems than they're worth. They note that any perceived advantages are ephemeral and superficial (e.g. a return of "snappiness").

I think I would trust them over the Verizon rep who suggests using ATK (which is, by the way, installed on about 1/2 of the display models in stores, it seems!).

OK just want to add my 2 cents

I have an evo running froyo 2.2

I read on various sites that foryo doesnt need atk

But after watching some video on my evo

The video began to stop and freeze

I did everything

I powered off

Refreshed the page

I eventually ended up with a message to close some apps to increase memory

I went to my atk widget and freed up some memory

The video played without a hitch

I know some people feel indifferent about atk's

But after that mishap i never leave home without my atk

Regardless what anyone says

I work for a Verizon retailer and Verizon gives our manager our list of applications that we should try to talk to about with every customer. Among these is Advanced Task Killer. I havn't pushed it and a long time but it is sort of something we are told to do from higher up.

I have had a task manager on my phone and I don't use it anymore because it was honestly just a pain to kill tasks.