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Get your taste of this great game before it goes back to $1.99

A quick heads up for anyone that hasn't yet picked up classic pedestrian-mashing title, Carmageddon, that it's now free on Android for a limited time. It comes in celebration of a Carmageddon Steam Early Access release, and it won't be around for very long. 

To get around the Google Play restrictions on going free then back to paid, this is a special Promo version of Carmageddon. Once the deal is done with, it'll disappear again. It regularly retails at $1.99, so not the most expensive game you'll ever buy, but a couple of bucks is a couple of bucks. Hit up the Play Store link above, and go crazy. 


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Carmageddon for Android goes free for limited time


Ah it's the promo version, i see they are updating it, i thought they said at launch that they wouldn't be able to update the promo version?

Just an FYI, my promo version that I downloaded 6 months ago (roughly) has an update in the Play store today.

The update is probably what is the current promo. Have you had updates between 6 months ago (roughly) and this week.

Never had any updates to the promo version as i had that version since day 1

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Not a fan of this Google Play policy. The iOS App Store lets you change prices/make free all you want. This dev is going to have maintain at least two binaries now.

Yeah but I paid for this game and I would be pissed if it goes free. So pay for the full game or get the crappy free one.

Otherwise no one will buy the games if they think it will go free after a while. Some I'm glad of the buyer protection.

Apple drop some games to free and you should see the neg reviews after of people who paid for it. :-)

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Do you also believe that people shouldn't be able to buy used games Also? Just curious

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Yea man. One time I bought this TV and Two months later it was on sale for $300. They should really stop sales all together. No one should benefit from any savings ever. It pisses off us folk that paid full price!

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I played the crap out of this on the toilet last time it came up. Loved playing the PC versions...need to get my hands on TDR 2000 even though the company disavows any knowledge that it even exists.

Whenever I see games like this I get annoyed we don't have apps2sd anymore if we have a SD card at all

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I kind of like how the amazon app store saves your progress, so if you come back to a game like this on a new device you are not starting from the beginning. I loved this game.

This is a pretty fun game! I used to play it on the PC when I was growing up. I also got it free when it was the free app of the day on Amazon. But it would he worth the $1.99 too. Lots of fun! :-)

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