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Well, it's finally happening. Carbon for Twitter, long one of our favorite Android Twitter apps, is finally running up against the token limit Twitter implemented some time ago. Developer M.Saleh Esmaeili dropped the bad news on Google+, meaning the app won't be able to accept new users once the last token is used up. 

That's the same issue just about every major third-party Twitter app has run into, including Falcon Pro and Tweet Lanes. Esmaeili says he won't muck about with API workarounds, so what we've got is what we've got. Esmaeili is looking ahead to his next projects, though. 

Unfortunately, for Carbon, however, we all knew this was coming.

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Carbon for Twitter finally runs into the token wall


I have one question if anyone knows the answer to: how come this hasn't happened to Plume? Plume has been around for a while, and I've been using for over two year. Where all this token crap got started, I was worried Plume would be the next to go down. It hasn't... At least not yet. Why is this?

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Because Plume already had a ton of users before this came into play and that benefited them. Essentially the moment they double the amount of users they had when twitter implemented this change they'll run into this same thing.

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Twitters new api had 2 different token limits. New apps made after it was implemented have a 100k limit. Apps that were available before the change have a token limit of double their tokens at the time of the api change. So if plume had 1 million users, they then had an extra 1 million tokens to use after the change.

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I've used Carbon from the beginning. The official Twitter app makes me feel stupid.

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Just after getting Carbon, having lots of fun with it, and was thinking of upping my engagement with Twitter I see this story. No thanks, I'll stick with G+ as my primary social service.

I've got both Falcon Pro and Carbon installed and use both. I tend to use Falcon Pro more often. I just uninstalled Carbon and released my token.

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I started using Carbon when the official Twitter App became unusable. I really wish they'd bring TweetDeck back. That was an elegant app.

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I see how this affects Carbon's developers, but I don't understand how the token limit has any effect on me as an end user. If it does can someone explain?

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You will most likely not be affected. Unless you release your token access and decide down the road to re-install it, you likely will be unable to due to the lack of available tokens for access since they will have all been used up.

Or unless you change your Twitter username. That's something I did and I was no longer able to use Falcon Pro. Instead of searching for a token I just decided to go with the regular (hideous) Twitter app.

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I just uninstalled it and released my token. Quick, somebody grab it! # yourewelcome

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Not trying to slam Carbon, but 2.0 has been near unusable for me. Not happy at all with the design decisions they've made and it takes more effort (and longer) to go through my feed now. I was a huge fan of 1.0 so hopefully this won't stagnate improvements.

As a side note, I was able to snag 2 tokens yesterday for myself and my wife (a bit to my surprise) for Falcon Pro so I'm using that for now while I put Carbon on hold.

(I'll release both Carbon tokens down the road if it doesn't look like we'll go back to it.)

:-(. Looks like I won't be able to take either Carbon or FalconPro with me to me new device when I upgrade next month.

Tokens aren't tied to device, they're tied to your twitter account. Just log in to the app on the new device with the same account and it will work.

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You could bring Falcon to your upgrade since the app has the workaround in it, you'll have to figure the workaround out yourself though.

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Thanks for clearing that up, both of you. I thought I had read that the token limit was per device, not account.

So if we delete the program from our device we end up releasing the token for another potential user? I loved Carbon before, was less happy with the update. Now loving Falcon Pro. Since I do have a F.Pro token, I may release the Carbon token soon. Are there such problems with unofficial Facebook apps? I can't think of there being as many third party FB apps.

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I believe you need to go to the twitter site and release the token in the settings. Uninstalling isn't enough.

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Any of you guys who do have a Falcon Pro token already, the developer has started working on the app again. He's released two updates in the past few days with the latest being v.2.1.1 this evening. is the main location now as it's no longer available in Play Store. He has uploaded prior updates to the PS where you could upgrade a previously installed version. I don't think he has uploaded the new releases there as yet. If you have an older version installed, check your My Apps section.

The traffic in the Falcon Pro Beta Google+ group has picked up, too.

What the... posted a couple of replies that are now missing.

Anyway, they said that the token is attached to your Twitter account itself via the authorization of the app (Carbon, Falcon Pro, etc.) there. The token is not on the device or in the app itself.

To give up your token you have to rescind the authorization on your Twitter account for that app. Uninstalling the app itself doesn't do that. That also means you can change devices and still use the app (as long as you can install it).

You can change your user name as well. If you keep the same account and just change the name, you should still have all the same settings otherwise, including the authorization/token. If you change your name by deleting your account and creating another one, obviously you've wiped the slate and you won't have a token anymore.

I'm glad I went looking for Twitter alternatives a couple of weeks ago. The best options seem to be drying up.

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3rd party apps dont show the ads from twitter (as far as i know) so they want people to use their app/site so that people see the ads. Thats the real reason.

I still don't even see what's so wonderful about twitter itself. It just looks like a mess of chaos to me.