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Another group of devices make the jump to Android 4.3

We're hearing from multiple Canadians with Galaxy S3's and Galaxy Note 2's today that are receiving the big update to Android 4.3. Falling in right behind those with the Galaxy S4 and S4 Mini that received the update up north, those with the last-generation handsets aren't being left out in the cold.

As we're sure you're aware by this point, the big 700MB+ update brings all sorts of improvements to the two phones, including support for the Galaxy Gear smartwatch, Samsung's KNOX enterprise software and a visual refresh of some menus and icons throughout the system.

If you haven't received the update on your own Galaxy S3 or Note 2, now's a good time to start checking more frequently.

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Canadian Galaxy S3 and Note 2 receiving Android 4.3 update


If I'm in Canada using an unlocked international model, will I get the O.T.A or be able to use Kies?

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If you have an unlocked int'l device with no carrier affiliation, then your location doesn't effect when you receive the update.

Where is my update Verizon you scum bag phone carrier

Can't wait to leave my contact for t-mobile

Posted from My GNote 2 via AC App

The answer is NO, you can't get it via OTA. If you are NOT rooted and just unlocked you can do the upgrade via KIES.

Let's hope it doesn't completely suck like the UK version Samsung subsequently pulled!

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Do you have the Octa core or quad? That seems to be the difference

So where is the competition for the Note 3? Oh right there isn't any...

I am downloading on my Fido GS3 as I type. Hopefully this build has the issues ironed out.

Once the download is complete we are presented with a screen that has three options "Later", "Install All, and "Install". Does anyone know what the difference is between "Install All" and "Install"?

I might be the only one here..... But this update feels like a big step backward. I am not impressed with the majority of the changes.
Why change things that aren't broken? Why get rid of features? Why change the settings and not allow the user the ability to change back to the previous ways..... FML... 1st world problems eh

Posted via Android Central App on my Note 2!

Like I said, I very well could be the only one, as everything is personal preference.
While it is nice to have new features added, like Samsung Knox and other apps, I also feel that changing what isn't broken isn't necessary, or the option of having what was previous should at least still be there.
Changes that I don't like:
No more keyboard haptic feedback when typing. (This might actually still be there, but I have yet to find it, and I have gone in and out of pretty much every menu.)
Email app has gone to an all white theme. What was wrong with the dark theme? Dark theme is great for battery life and easy on the eyes!
I also get the vibe that a lot of the icons, widgets, apps, displays, menus are more bubbly. It almost feels like I am using a Tab 3 for Kids model. I don't need some picture of a stupid looking cartoon character as contact picture if that contact doesn't have a picture.
The video app is god awful! bright white background and grainy looking display of all the videos. The previous video app was great. The videos would be playing in the menus while you scrolled through looking for the one you wanted. It was neat.
Photo gallery is just as bad, big and bubbly.

Don't get me wrong, change is good. Getting rid of useful features not so much. Not allowing people to have the option of which feature they want is even worse.
It might be a bit extreme, but I compare the changes here to 4.3 from 4.1.2 to the change the iphone made to iOS7.

Yes I am bitter, but all I really want back is my damn keyboard vibrations. I am freaking terrible at typing on touchscreens, however with the slight vibrations whenever I pressed the keys, I found myself great on the Note 2....

Download swiftkey it is way you better than the default keyboard. Btw, performance upgrade from that update, that's the only thing I cared about, not that it needed it but it's still awesome.

I do have SwiftKey downloaded. It seems the stock keyboard still has the Vibrate settings. For some reason now SwiftKey with the Note 4.3 isn't working.

Another feature that seems to be gone is the pop up browser..... Lame!

Posted via Android Central App on my Note 2!

Wow I so totally agree! Why couldn't they give option to choose what changes? Now we can't uninstall, according to the message before the upgrade we clicked on install :( I really liked the fonts, interface icons, BEFORE I installed. And the cartoon bonhommes for contact individuals? Awful! I don't even like the new backgrounds. How is this better??

A concern I have is the camera flash just randomly flashes here and there? ! That's so uncool it's not even funny. And, holy Toledo, the entire system is soooo sluggish: even to simply turn on the screen takes thinking time. Everything takes longer now. And maybe I just haven't figured it all out yet, but for some reason, after last upgrade, all of a sudden I couldn't do split screen anymore. As well, I can't listen to downloaded audios if I go to home screen, etc. I forgot to try, but I don't suppose they fixed it so we can take pics while on phone call? That's definitely a feature I really miss from my LG. I still wanna be able to brag that my GS3 is the best phone out there, but these upgrades are gonna ruin my reputation! Lol

I was also VERY annoyed about the "random" flashing, but I found the answer on this web page:

The simple answer is that when you receive an email, text message, etc. or your phone rings, there is a setting in Accessibility for having it flash whenever there is a notification. Even though my setting was "off", it thought it was on. But you can go through the settings->Accessibility menu to the bottom of the list and click on the box for "Flash notification to turn it on, then click it again to actually turn it off. I was glad to find that information.

>>>edited<<< Sorry! It would help if I actually read the very next message here to see that it already gives this information... :-)

I also notice the option with emails with images to automatically load them is not there anymore. I get a button "Show Images" to click on to view them in email. Unless the settings is someplace else, within the OS? Oh here how to resolve the random flash when getting a notification/email.
1-Go to "Settings"
2-Select "My Device" from the top
3-Select "Accessibility"
4-Scroll down and check "Flash Notification"
Close the settings menu and then go through the same steps and unselect the "Flash Notification".
Should fix the l=flash problem. Did for me.

Looks like i'll have to do a factory reset. Installed update. Things seem to be working well overall, but gallery constantly crashes when trying to access the share menu.

Probably best to do a factory reset in anycase.

Not seeing it available OTA for my WIND GS3 (TMO SIM.) Is this via Kies only at this point?

Sorry but that's one of the 2 carriers that still don't have the update, the other one is videotron.

Hey, when is the update coming to KENYA. I'm still waiting for the update, when is it coming, somebody tell me?!

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I just updated to 4.3, went nice and smoothly, like the new features in the OS. However, if you are using Kies you need to update to Kies3 and Samsung hasn't added the sync feature in that program. Samsung knows of the issue and stated that it will be added on the next kies3 update. As of when that is the question.

Am I the only one to have issues since 4.3 with Bluetooth? It no longer works with my car. It sees it, but I cannot connect any more....very bad as I am travelling most of the time :(

I had issues as well. I deleted my phone from the car bluetooth, and the car from the phone and re-paired them. That seems to have corrected the issue.

It worked, but when I dial through my bluetooth (car) it says attempt to dial failed....but then 30 seconds later, it dials for good.....weird...

I got the same trouble and some others little itch. I did a reset factory and the itchs are gone and seem to be the same for the Bluetooth.

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Hi. I have the same problem. Did you find any solution for that?
Your question
For a long time I used my phone with Toyota TNS510. I have a Samsung Galaxy S3 in system software version 4.3. HandsFree was doing excellently in every respect. Unfortunately, after a software update from version 4.0.4 to 4.3 is not possible to connect the Samsung Galaxy S3 as HandsFree device and media device (simultaneously) as it was previously possible. All the time cuts phone or media device. Why such a connection is not possible in the new version? Is there a patch repairing the system error?
Counselor answer

Customer reference number: 2115408773
Please quote your customer reference number when contacting Samsung
Email response ID: 2119852499

Dear Piotr,

Thank you for contacting Samsung Customer Support.

Unfortunately, we cannot provide specific technical support for third party products.
Please be advised we cannot guarantee compatibility with any accessories not manufactured by Samsung. Ultimately, it is the responsibility of the third party manufacturer to ensure their accessories are compatible with our devices.

We recommend contacting the manufacturer of your Toyota TNS510 to ensure that it is compatible with your device and its current version of the Android operating system. They may have an app, an update, or specific instructions that you need to follow, in order for it to work correctly.

As your device worked previously but stopped working after a software update, then connectivity may be restored in a future software update.

I’ve passed your comments on to our software development team to help improve the connectivity of our devices. Thank you for your input.

If there is anything else we can help with, please let us know.

Our Customer Support Team love feedback! Share your thoughts on this response by completing the survey at the bottom of this page.

Kind regards

Online Support Team
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I'm in us received update on my note 2 today it sucks where the he'll is note 3 features waited for this think I'm going back to Motorola

If you like your bluetooth working, don't install the update. Ever since I got 4.3 last week on a Rogers (unlocked) S3 it has stopped auto connecting with my car's Uconnect. I have removed and repaired, etc. and it never repairs automatically when I get in the car like it used to flawlessly. I have seen no other real benefits to the update that outweigh this screw up so I would SKIP IT.

My wifes phone did the same thing. S3 she did the update and now uconnect wont connect. Talked to the service and the manager and his wifes phones did the same thing. All we can do for now is hope for a work around (as there is no roll back from android) our for the uconnect makers to provide a fix. fml.

I updated my SIII earlier this week but the date and time kept changing and the phone dialer crashed repeatedly. I contacted Samsung and ended up doing a Hard Reset. It's working now just fine.

Seems to be the only problem so far that I can see.

Updated my S3 yesterday. On the lock screen was a new wallpaper. A boat in water with trees around the water. I looked thru settings to see where it this image resides. Couldnot find it in Wallpaper. Then today the image is no longer on the lock screen. I called Samsung tech in the D.R. and they no help. Anyone know where the new wallpapers are or available?

Updated my S3 yesterday, and now when I want to make a phone call and try to dial the number directly, it always show me "unfortunately, contacts has stopped" and return to last screen. It's ok if I choose the existing contact to make the phone call, but can't dial directly. I tried restart the device but no use. What should I do?

If you are still having this issue I'd suggest clearing the data from your phone app (under app settings > 'all apps'). If that doesn't work, try installing a third party dialer app, such as dialer one. There are some themed close to what your phone currently uses if you want to keep consistency. If you aren't satisfied with a different calling application, you might need to clear the cache or do a factory reset. The issue may have to do with data that wasn't cleared before proceeding with the firmware update.

I tried several times "factory reset", and now I think I found the problem. If I open a internet web site, my dail will be gone, if not, every thing will be fine. I will try the third party dialer app as you suggested.

The upgrade makes my Note 2 SLUGGISH. I used to call it my "superphone" now I call it a boat anchor. It freezes, takes forever to switch from app to app, and insists on automatically updating everything without asking me. Hate this upgrade.