Some people will literally put a smart phone through any and every test that they can imagine, and some of them are just, well, insane. We have seen the iFixIt team rip units apart, the Internet has gone viral with Will It Blend videos, and now people are grilling their smartphones?

Yes, as crazy as it sounds, someone has confused their iPhone, G2, and Windows Phone 7 device with hamburgers and placed them on a lit grill. If you have a strong enough stomach, and want to witness this insanity, join us after the jump for a video of the process in action and to see how the G2 holds up! [TechFlash via WMPowerUser]

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MowDownJoe says:

I was honestly expecting the iPhone to be the first to die.

Youssef7 says:

wow lol. Iphone was late on the temp notification. lol

l33tmoaf says:


sunlifexxx says:

Got to get me one of those grills

slayerpsp says:

i could have used that windows phone so sad i covered up my EVO so it wouldn't see the horror

icebike says:

Who are these people with so many $500+ devices and so few friends that could use them?

wm2485#AC says:

I don't know about the windows mobile device, but I know the g2 has an aluminum back so it will heat up the battery faster then a glass back (I4) and if the battery temp gets to hot it will turn off. I heard somewhere that the G2's battery will shutoff at like 140°F. You should of just asked me which one will die first. I could have just taken the G2 off your hands so it didn't have to suffer. poor thing.

ceemay says:

you couldve gave the g2 to me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

silvra7 says:

This video disgusts me. $1889.00 spent on this madness. There's really no justifiable reason to do something like this. A break down, I understand, a drop test, I understand. This is just wasteful and environmentally hazardous.

remixfa says:

WEELLL. technically, it was about 600+ tax after rebate on contract.. the phones can be replaced under insurance for about 130 a piece.. oh wait, the iphone4 isnt allowed to have insurance.. LOL..OOPS..
Thats still over a grand with contracts and replacements to see who burned faster though.. LOL.

I expected the iphone 4 to last the longest because its glass front and back, the plastic pieces of the G2 are the only parts that melted.
Anyone else notice the retina display after they flipped it over? it seemed to seperate into all its layers pretty quickly...lol

silvra7 says:

that's assuming new activation, and I'm pretty sure that voids the insurance plan.

Go Android! says:

Just file it as Lost. Problem solved.

IceBone says:

This just shows that windows phone 7 doesn't even have a temperature warning. It'll overheat if someting goes wrong and melt on its own, rather than shutting down to save its own ass.

icebike says:

Really? Is that what it shows?

Shutting down is going to help it in a fire HOW?

All it shows is that the battery thermal cut off is better insulated by the case than the others.

Don't lend credence to stupid stunt by suggesting there is any useful information to be derived except the stupidity of the perpetrators.

frozencloud says:

i died a little inside after seeing this

not for the WM7 or iPhone4, burn baby burn

JTEastwood says:

Oh my that was disturbing...

mrgloom says:

It is their money and time so if that's what they wanna do then I say do it at least they killed and iphone and a win phone as well

shaundiesel says:

Absolutely stupid....

Masheen says:

LMAO! Toastyy. HTC makes a good product. Those who didn't laugh at this, get a life... or a sense of humor!

Masheen says:

LMAO! Toastyy. HTC makes a good product. Those who didn't laugh at this, get a life... or a sense of humor!

newdroidnewb says:

lmao. I went into watching this thinking WTF WHY?!?
But it was worth every penny of the $1879 (easy for me to say).
Absolutely hilarious video.

kenyee says:

Sigh. Poor phones...didn't deserve to go that way...or in a blender...

jepoiski04 says:

that was disturbingly funny.

Phone cruelty! This should be illegal -_-

revwill says:

It's like Beavis with lots of disposable income.

mike340t says:

LOL Mortal Kombat ... Toasty...

Smokexz says:

What the hell does this prove?

aaronbwells says:

Hope that guy had a gas mask on. lol There's some nasty chemicals in those things.

Coolaaron88 says:

Even though this was insane to do to cell phones, this is all really viral marketing for EZ Grill

Chris3D says:

Totally pointless and stupid. I'll make a point of never buying an EZ Grill after seeing this.

DroidEye22 says:

What kind of atrocity is this?

burn baby burn

Can I get fries with that, 2 apple pies, and a coke.


expensive test review

parampreet says:

Utterly pointless. If this was done by someone looking for free publicity, he might have done better by just giving those devices away.
What a waste...

mswashu says:

Those who created this video obviously have money to burn (no pun intended), so how about you buy my next smartphone? I could use a new car while your at it. Eh?

TvTechGuru says:

This was a pretty dumb, pointless test. It's amazing that people can waste 3 phones costing nearly $2,000 in a matter of minutes in this economy. And, can you say electrical fire? Good luck putting that out.

To me, seeing which phone will shut off first from the fire isn't a victory for durability or anything for that matter. Phones weren't designed to be lit on fire or be in fire environments. Plus, aren't both the G2 and WP7 made my HTC? So that's not much different.

breakmedown says:

Electrical fire? From 3 cell phones? Do you even know what an electrical fire is?

You're just another person in a long list of people complaining about the "cost" here, but why does it matter? People still buy Lamorghini's and Ferrari's in "todays economy" and that wastes tens of thousands of dollars just by driving it off the lot. You probably waste more than that just by buying an Escalade. So who cares? I can't imagine nearly as many of you would (or do) complain about that.

kd0axs says:

I don't think most people understand why websites like this do these crazy things. Sure, they destroyed around $1500 worth of perfectly good phones in what really is a pretty stupid test, but they know that videos like this go viral. (As is seen by it being posted here on AC) This generates tons of hits to their website, which means they sell more ads and can charge more for them. I would bet that ad sales will more than make up for the cost of making this video.

rippley05 says:

Yea, this was actually pretty stupid..

If I'm that close to something that would make my phone that hot.. I don't think I'm gonna worry about how long it takes to shut itself off..

But whatever, if it wasn't for idiots we wouldn't know how to spot the smart people who do actual tests that are worth something~

gcims says:

Is there a way to profit from this video?

TenshiNo says:

Exactly how the person two up from you replied: it goes viral, websites post it, they get more traffic and theoretically more ad hits.

TenshiNo says:

Common, guys... Yes, it's completely pointless. No, you're not supposed to glean any valuable hardware data. It's just fun.

In a world where Jackass and other stupid "reality" TV shows have made it not even worth having cable anymore, can you really look me in the eye and tell me this was completely deplorable? Hmmm? That's what I thought.

It's their money. They can do what they want with it. But, yeah, I hope he was wearing some kind of mask. Especially when the battery blew on the G2 at the end :)