Samsung Galaxy S

If you've got a Samsung Galaxy S on C Spire (nee Cellular South), word is you've got an Android 2.3 update waiting for you via the Kies desktop program. Along with the Gingerbread UI and other usual changes, C Spire's also touting:

  • Improved battery performance
  • Improved IMAP/POP3 e-mail performance
  • Improved account and contact sync performance (like Facebook)
  • MMS size increased from 512KB to 1MB

Shame you still have to use Kies to update, but, hey, a Gingerbread update is a Gingerbread update, right?

Source: C Spire; More: What's new (pdf)
Thanks, Bobby!


Reader comments

C Spire's Samsung Galaxy S gets its Gingerbread update


This phone is essentially a vibrant on another carrier....maybe this means those with the tmo vibrant might expect a port to GB from this rom? ? Wishful thinking I know... :-)

Considering that this phone is supported for cyanogenmod, I expect them to release this for ICS a couple of weeks after google releases the source code for it.

This is actually a Samsung Showcase I500(AKA Mesmerize, AKA Fascinate). New rom time for all the Fassy owners!

I will wait a few months after the galaxy nexus is released and if we don't see a gb or ics build for the vibrant then i will upgrade. I just can't bring myself to part with a phone with the same internals as a nexus s. It ridiculous. Gpu, CPU, memory, all the same, make it happens devs we love you. :-)