New rules coming into effect tomorrow allow devices to be used from gate to gate on BA flights

British Airways is to become the first European airline to allow the use of electronic devices, including phones and tablets, during take-off and landing. The decision was approved by the British Civil Aviation Authority according to a BBC report, and follows an earlier relaxation of BA's rules which allowed devices to be used during taxiing. Similar motions have been made by U.S. carriers, after the FAA ruled that electronic gadgets were safe to use below 10,000 feet. Devices will still need to be in airplane mode during in-flight use, however.

The new rules come into effect on BA flights from Thursday, Dec. 19.

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Source: BBC News


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British Airways to allow electronic devices during take-off and landing


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I flew from Burbank to PHX Monday and I was able to leave my LG G2 on from gate to gate, just had to be on airplane mode. That was cool. Could of been using Southwest WiFi the whole time too.