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LG's continued partnership gets users 50GB of storage for free

Cloud-storage provider Box today is releasing a major update to its Android application, adding a few new features and continuing its partnership with LG to bring a goodly amount of storage to the South Korean manufacturer's users for free.

A new previewer in the app supports more than 100 file types so you can see exactly what you're dealing with without having to guess at extensions or (worse) open the file to find out. You get page thumbnails, grid views, and the ability to search text inside documents themselves — all from the Box app. There's also a new gallery tool to quickly and easily let you preview images stored on Box.

And if you're using Box's OneCloud suite, you get a built-in gallery as well, a new business messaging client called Hall, Docs to Go integration, and much more that'll help the office types.

And for those using a "G Series" smartphone or tablet from LG, you'll get 50 free gigabytes of online storage. (See the fine print on that here.)

Check out the promo video after the break, and get your download on here or at the link above.

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Box brings a new gallery, previewer to its updated Android app


With all my free dropbox space expiring I might have to migrate to a new service. Does the free space Box gives ever expire? I might stop using cloud storage for most stuff if all this free space expires at most of these companies. Moving it all is annoying and I'd never pay for it.

None of mine with Box have ever expired. As I have a G2, this will be my 3rd free 50gb for life off them.

Posted via Android Central App

Linked doc says for one year. And fwiw, when I downloaded and signed in with my N5, I got the 50gb as well.

Posted from my Nexus 5 via Android Central App

Got 50 gig lifetime when I bought a Playbook and 25 gig added with my new hp laptop a couple months ago. Needless to say box has replaced Dropbox as my go to cloud.

Posted From a smart device.

I'm on a G2 and I just got the update....
No extra storage added to my account.
Still have the same 50GBs I had before and it still has file size upload limitations!
Oh well back to using MEGA app. 50GBs, no file size limits, encryption, and its for life.