Bing for Android

Knew it was only a matter of time before we saw a Bing app for Android, right? It's pretty good for Windows Mobile, pretty darn good on the iPhone, and we're expecting it to be really good on Windows Phone 7. So it only makes sense that we get to play with Microsoft's "Decision Engine" on Android, right? This is all happening as we speak (erm, type) at the Bing Search Summit in San Francisco. Says CNet's Ina Fried:

Microsoft isn't announcing a lot of new things at this event, but it is talking for the first time about plans for a Bing Android client as well as new mapping features and a new TV listings feature that is in testing and about to launch.

We'll keep an eye out for more. Stay tuned. [CNet via LiveSide]


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Bing app for Android reportedly is in the works


Good news. I use a number of search engines but am finding myself using Bing a little more often than I was. Now if Microsoft would just produce quality integration for Android to their Live Apps and 25GB Skydrive with an Android Office App (multi-touch OneNote would be a killer app for me) then all will be good ;). I know that much of that will likely be walled into Windows Phone 7 going forward but Microsoft (and others ... Google included) need to realise that consumers interact with many shades of technology and don't want to be tied solely to one corporate walled garden. We can but wish ;)

I used Bing on my blackberry but that was because it defaulted one day and I had to switch it back. Hevent tried Bing in a while. I doubt it would be as thorough as Google search on my Droid as it searches niy o ly the internet but the phone at the same time. Very intuitive And thorough results over Bing guess as to what results I wanna see.

Why BING when you can GOOGLE. i wouldnt use bing on a Google phone anyway. because its a phone from GOOGLE, GET IT?

What I REALLY like MS to do for Android is impliment Silverlight!! With Silverlight, I can use my 25g Skydrive and the Windows Mobile Apps - not so much on an Android phone but on an Android tablet!!!

Bing? I would rather rip my eyes out. If I wanted an alternative to Google, it would certainly NOT be Microsoft.

I must say is there no getting away from microsoft ffs........ What do you do when your asked to find somethink?
You GOOGLE it of corse.....