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We've got another week chock-full of excellent Android apps and games hitting the Google Play Store. Flappy Bird creator Dong Nguyen is back to test the outer limits of patience with his latest game, Swing Copters. The folks from Pixite have ported over their first photo app, and the results are really impressive.

We've dug up plenty more Android games and apps that have just been released, though. Dive in and get downloading!


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Best new Android apps and games of the week: Swing Copters, Fragment, and more!


Why why why would you write about Swing Copters??!?! I honestly think it's the worst game in the play store. I've tried every technique and was only able to get to the second tier. I don't know why Dong would make a game like this. Flappy Bird was at least playable.

The trick to this game is to concentrate on the character's eyes and use your peripheral vision for the swinging hammers. Use your thumbs to tap. Use your right thumb to start the game then the left one to go left once airborne, this way you will know which way it will sway. If you concentrate on the eyes you will be able to control the copter without swinging wildly. I'm up to 6 so far after a few minutes of realizing the eyes thing.

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Seconded. It's pants. Why would androidcentral write about it? Who knows? Do they make money from linking to it? Either way, it does nothing for the credibility of this site.