Galaxy Nexus at Best Buy

Take this with a grain of salt, seeing as how Best Buy's had a hard time remembering the the Galaxy Nexus' name, but this inventory screen sent to Engadget shows that the big-box retailer is expecting to have the Verizon Galaxy Nexus in stock on Dec. 11. Note that the street date is blank, though -- and we've seen these Best Buy inventory screens be wrong before.

In other words: Still no official launch date for the Verizon Galaxy Nexus.

Source: Engadget


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Best Buy seems to think the Galaxy Nexus is in stock Dec. 11


Why do you do this to me im getting my hopes up again. But im trying to get them up to high i dont think i can take another disappointment lol. C'mon VZW just give us a date!!!
P.S. First!!!

Sounds realistic might hit corporate stores first on the 8th or maybe it will lauch the 15 and to me I doubt it will be later than that unless there is a big issue.


I just got off the phone with verizon customer service (surprising great call actually) 2 minutes ago because i was having a concern about a prepaid phone plan i've got on an old flip phone. Anyway, when she asked if there were any other questions, i said that since she was such a wealth of knowledge for the problem i'd had, maybe she could give me some info about the release of the galaxy nexus. She looked at her info, and told me that she is reading that verizon plans to release the phone next month mid January. :( *sigh*

This is different info than i was just given and posted about yesterday, when a verizon rep at a kiosk told me that vzw employees were notified by an email saying the phone would be released by the end of December.

...just telling ya what i was told by company reps... I'm waiting for it like the rest of you!

oh, i asked if it stated if it would be 16 or 32GB models but she said it didn't display that kind of spec...

Verizon did this with the Palm Pre2 as well. Obviously not the same caliber of phone, but for some reason (that escapes me at the moment), Verizon sat on the pre2 for several weeks, maybe months, after it was announced.

I honestly think there is some truth to the jokes about Verizon needing to sell $5million worth of razrs first. Verizon is too big to care about what their customers want. Google made a huge mistake picking Verizon to launch the U.S model.

Honestly Verizon you have the best service of any carrier in the US, but FUCK YOU! I'm frustrated beyond belief waiting for both the Droid Charge GB Update and the Galaxy Nexus! Once another carrier is competitive with Verizon I'm done with their shit.

I think this makes Google look worse than Verizon. This is supposed to be a Google controlled device. Verizon is just trying to make money to please it's shareholders. The phone should have been sold like the Nexus One through Google and then allow us to choose the carrier. If they decide to subsidize it later? Fine.

I used to work at BBY up until this past February.

And I would definitely take this in stock date with a grain of salt, for 2 reasons. 1) This doesn't guarantee that these show up any time close to this date and 2) Even if they do, they will be held in inventory until the official street date. Whenever that may be.

I picked up a seasonal job at best buy for some holiday cash. Now that I have the SKU, I'll be checking the system every time I work for any updates :)

As stating above though, the shipping date listed really means nothing. If they do show up, they'll just sit until the street date anyway.

Wouldnt it be funny as hell if this was actually the GSM version hitting Best Buy instead of Verizon, one could only hope.

This actually works well for me. Every time that Verizon / the blogosphere jerks everyone around with release dates, I wind up losing interest by the time the actual release happens.. saves me $$.

As a former Best Buy employee I can say that In Stock Date is not as important as Street Date. Often there are place holders in the inventory system, such as the price of the iPad 2 listing as $9999.99 until a few days before release. In fact, I've seen street dates wrong because of delays by the manufacturer. For what its worth.

On another note, Verizon is listed as the class meaning this is no GSM.