Nexus Prime Correction

Seriously, folks, you didn't actually think there was some other version of the Galaxy Nexus that was to be released as the Nexus Prime, did you? Best Buy's issued a correction about the December Buyer's Guide and, sure enough, the world has returned to normal and the Galaxy Nexus is the Galaxy Nexus, not the Samsung Nexus Prime 4G LTE.

Thanks, J!


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Best Buy comes to its senses, remembers that the Nexus Prime is the Galaxy Nexus


Really? $475-$600 on Contract ( With Tax + Accessories ) and $650-$800 off.. Now? For This Phone?? Really??? This phone has missed it's window.. Just like the Bionic did.. This should have been released Early Quarter 4 2011.. Now with CES 2012 just 39 days away & KAL-EL's 2,000 mhz Quad-Core Greatest ready to be unveiled in "REVOLUTIONARY" phones someone would spend this much for this Technology? Really?? This should release at $149-$199 on contract Period.. ( Geez.. Do You Think America Will See It By Xmas?.. *Eh Cough* the Bionic.. ) It's bad enough one would be stuck with this Technology until 2014 going with "This Next Big Thing".. Sorry.. It's KAL-EL's Time Now..

Blazing on my 1,300 mhz Droid Charge.. For now...

You know kal el and quadcores for phones won't be out til march April right? That's 4 or 5 months away no way I am waiting that updates will be frequent..

I think it's a typo, since even HTC lists the phone as the Rezound (no mysterious T on the end). The z was done to trademark, no need for another letter to accomplish that....

I'm not so concerned about the name. Whatever it's called, it "is 'Coming Soon' and has not yet launched / is not available at this time."

they do hire people like the people on AC, or you wouldnt have this info... the people that write these ads/corrections are not store-level employees, so dont put us down

Best buy needs to hire a new advertising outfit. These guys suck! Just hand it all over to some 5th graders. They'll get the job done!

I am sure I can't be the only one, but Verizon has succeeded in squashing my interest in this phone. Any more info on the HTC Heinous or the Droid 12?

I heard the Droid 12 has a 12' screen and you should buy the extended battery/dolly attachment to get it to last half a day on stand by

If anyone thought that this was two separate phones, I am taking away their internet privileges and have a Nigerian Prince I want them to meet.

I still think Prime is a much better name.

And, "Coming Soon, No release Date" is still annoying.

Sure enough, the world has returned to normal?

Not sure why specifically this post prompted me to comment but I've been thinking it every time I listen to the podcast too... What's with the snarkiness all the time Phil?

OK, yeah Android fanatics gets all in a froth all the time... but without that passion this site wouldn't have an audience and you're smart enough to know that. Please don't pretend somehow to be above the fray of the common android fan rabble, it's condescending.