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A quick heads up, boys and girls, that we're now taking advantage of YouTube's updated channel design. More (and better) playlists, more customization and, perhaps most important -- an intro video from yours truly. Easiest way to get my face off your screen? Subscribe!

Yes. That's basically blackmail. Or something. Subscribe you'll not see that video of me (that's at Grand Central Station, by the way), getting you to that all-important Android content even sooner.

 Anyhoo, check it out. We're still tweaking the design a bit, but Google's definitely making things easier on the content providers (that's us) so we can bring a better experience to the consumers. (That's you.)

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Like the new look, and the video is short and sweet and to the point well done AC.

Jay Holm says:

Yes Mr. Phil, subscribing now.

Also, my T-Mobile S4 is on vehicle out for delivery!!!
So another words my 4.2.2 smartphone will be
ready for your new Android Central app!

Might have some news on that real, soon. Still will have something I wanna fix, but we also want to get it to you guys ASAP.

S_C_B says:

Please make it ASAP ASAP.

jimbo says:

Jay Holm... 4.2.2 is meaningless if your soon to be available GS4 has only 9 GB of available Internal storage. External SD Cards will not resolve the issues you will encounter. Any 2013 flagship smartphone should have a minimum of 32 GB before opsys.

ScottJ says:

Way to try and start a fanboy war in reply to an innocent post. He was expressing exuberance that the cell phone he chose is almost in his hands. That is, before you decided to shit all over it.

Jayshmay says:

Well, thanks for the update!

wickets says:

thanks....looks good

deadlock4400 says:

@Phil Nickinson

Thanks a lot for the post with info

mjmdroid says:

like it... and the new beta app too...
just need some optimization and bugs fix

bigtank says:

is it just videos of Phil 24/7?

Otherwise known as the sexy torture channel