Battery-less Philips Hue Tap switch taps in for US availability

US customers can now buy the Philips Hue Tap switch from the Apple Store to easily control their Philips Hue lights. Previously the Hue Tap was only available in Europe, which makes sense as Philips is a Dutch company. The switch has no batteries and is powered through kinetics simply by pushing the buttons. Yep, buttons — there are four three smaller round affairs and one big button that comprises most of the face.

Those buttons are all programmable and can be hooked up to any "scene" (a combination of specific lights, colors, brightnesses) from within the Hue App on your Android device. Tapping a button once will turn on that scene, and again turns it off.

The Hue Tap is mountable, or it can be moved about freely. For the mounting a wall bracket and mounting tape are included in the box. Of course, you'll still need a Philips Hue bridge and Hue lights to really take advantage of the Hue Tap (a starter kit with one bridge and three lights is $200)

Right now the Philips Hue Tap in the US is only available from the Apple Store (both in retail locations and online), where it is priced at $59.95.


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Battery-less Philips Hue Tap switch taps in for US availability


I love my Hue lights I am slowly switching over every bulb in my house and using Commandr and tasker I can control them with a okay google command. Just wish Hue was cheaper. Its a tad expensive but so far I think it is worth it.

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I am all for automating stuff, but controlling light bulbs with a phone just seems way over the top. I mean, have we gotten THAT lazy as a society?

Actually it's pretty nice when at night time and you want to turn on the lights before you get home after being out all day, especially if you are going to be carrying groceries inside and don't want a dark house and porch to walk into. Could be good as well when on vacation and travelling to turn the lighs on at night and off again in the day time than paying thousands for a security system or more expensive automation system.

The main thing that keeps me from going to any sort of smart bulb is the fact that it makes wall switches useless. It is much less convenient to use a tablet or phone vs a wall switch. The Hue Tap is a great idea and a step in the right direction, but honestly I would much rather see smarter dimming wall switches that can also be fully controlled over wifi/via IFTTT/etc.

EDIT: This might fit the bill. The cost is a bit high, but cheaper than replacing all of the lightbulbs in a fixture with Hue lights.

I have already replaced all of the light bulbs with the Hue system (87 in total) and will now replace the unused wall switches with this module. Since I won't need as many I think I can get by with 15 of these. What's another $800??