Say what you will about AT&T's network issues, but for a lot of us it's worked just fine. Except for when it doesn't work, like today. Seems that it's taken quite a hit in the Southeast again (Sunday wasn't much fun either). AT&T's support forums are lighting up, as is our inbox. What's everybody out there seeing? [AT&T Forums - must be registered]

Update: AT&T tells us a couple of major fiber lines were cut, but everything should be back up now.


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AT&T's data down again in the Southeast


Could be, but Google couldn't find a single example of your syntax anywhere on the net. "Down for Fair" Must be a colloquialism.

A reminder of the biggest reason I left AT&T. There were actually several, but the constant 3G outages were the main reason.

Call me Mr. Lucky. AT&T hasn't seen fit to provide 3G in our area, so we are up and sort of running, albeit pathetically slowly on our continually degrading Edge network here in NC. My contract is done on July 15 - I plan to make the switch to the EVO and Sprint on July 16. Can't wait