Samsung Galaxy S III

And then there was AT&T. While the likes of Verizon, T-Mobile, Sprint and even US Cellular dropped deets of their Samsung Galaxy S III launches this morning, AT&T's kept  us waiting with bated breath most of the day. But we've finally got half an announcement. The phone goes up for presale on June 6 (that's this Wednesday) for $199. What has us more than a little miffed is that AT&T's opted to only go with a 16-gigabyte version, whereas every other carrier that announced today will have 32-gigabyte options. Is that the end of the world? No. It's still got a microSD card slot and a 16GB card is available at an extra $39, so you can have 32GB of total storage when you proudly unbox this guy. But when your Verizon and TMo and Sprint and USCC friends are showing off that extra 16GB of storage, don't come crying to us.

Oh, but AT&T does have one other trick up its sleeve. In addition to the white and pebble blue options, AT&T will have its own red model as well later this summer. So there's that. Otherwise, we're looking at the same hardware as the other carriers.

And stay tuned for an actual availability date.

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AT&T's Galaxy S IIIs stick with 16GB of storage, but you can get it in red, too


LOL... That would be cool though. Sprint Yellow and Black. AT&T White and Blue. Verizon Red and Black or White. TMo Magenta and Black or White

Red? Hmmmn may look good with the material. But I don't think not having 32GB option is a big deal. Im getting the 16 on Verizon. SD slot will take care of the rest. Already got a few cards laying around. Also I much rather be able to Yank my SD and take my stuff with me. Only apps will go on the internal storage.

Good thing you have some laying around, because 16Gig for 32bucks from AT&T is about twice the market price. These can be had for around 16 bucks average. Shop around and get class 4 cards for 8bucks, and 32gig for 20 bucks.

AT&T must be saving billions and billions leaving the cards out of this phone and cheaping on the internal storage as well.

Lol, really? AT&T is saving billions? They may sell 5 million SGS3's. The extra 16gb internal card doesn't cost them $200 (1 billion/5 million). In fact, AT&T is probably not saving much at all. If it was a 32gb option, it probably wouldn't be $200, it'd be $300. I'd much rather a 16Gb internal with a $10 16gb external card.

What kind of shitty 32GB cards are you buying for 20 dollars? Everyone praised the GSIII for having an external slot, now people are complaining that they can't get 32GB internal storage.

Is your Google broken?

Shop around. For this phone all you REALLY need is Class 4. But you might want to go to Class 6 if you seriously believe you will be shooting a lot of video. (I don't know of anybody that really does anything other than the occasional video shoot on any cell phone)

Then you go read reviews of actual tests on these cards (google is your friend), then crank in your prejudices, (because we all know better than those labs who have actually run tests because we had a friend who's card failed once upon a time).

Then start searching. You will find prices on valid, non-counterfeit brand name cards in the ranges I gave. Shop the sales. Its not that hard to find a good deal.

Exactly. Otherwise you're paying your carrier for the right to stream content you already own to your phone! Really dumb given the obscene rates they charge for data.

Not overcrowded here. No LTE here but 10 mbps down. Personally 16g is fine cause a class 10 16gig is 20 at best buy. I just got an older phone cause really anything better than a galaxy nexus (with a better camera ofc) isn't really much benefit given the contract prices. Plus if I had waited, I'd prolly have just given in and waited for the new iPhone.


This is the reason I did not buy the htc One X. I bought a Note instead and "using the Cloud" I exceeded 2GB of my 3GB data plan in 10 days. Now I am on daily rations trying not to exceed the 3GB threshold.

The data is cool for your occasional file....something that you want to access from any location, but not for your daily storage of files. It's like Google's awesome to have my entire music selection anywhere I go....but the data consumption would make it hard to listen all day...I'be over my limit in a week!

Right now phones have outpaced the allowable connections rates and costs...and it is not in the best interest of the carrier to change that!

Hi Phil... I'm wondering how much enough is enough? If the 32GB total storage on the phone not enough! What would be enough? I'm in the medical field and I never used more than 4GB.

I have the 16 gig SGS2 and the internal memory is almost full. And I got a 32 Gig SD card in it that is almost full as well <.<. So yea I want the 64gig version of this MoFo when it lands.

Well my plans are for the 64 GB SGS3 with a 64 Gig SD card just because I am insane about storage. But my plans had actually been to get a 64 Gig card for the SGS2, but then the SGS3 showed its head.

I doubt your professional field has anything to do with it, other than perhaps leaving you very little time for music and videos on your phone.

Some people can not go without every song they ever heard in their life being right in their pocket. Others like me tend to keep very little music actually on the phone and most stored on the web.

AT&T sir your guys are freaking IDIOTS! They always have to againstvtye grain rather then doing what the consumer wants or needs.

Anyone else find the fact that AT&T is going to have a red version instead of Verizon comical? :)
I wonder if T-Mobile will have an exclusive magenta version...

This is dumb. Im thinking about going to verzion cause they have lte in Cincinnati. It just sucks losing my unlimited mobile to mobile. Idk what to do at this point. I know I'm over my 4s though

I was going to say go with the One X, but if you need a lot of storage that's not a good option. Everybody wants to jump off the Verizon ship now though because they are the most expensive and getting rid of a lot of their perks. They don't do new every two any more and now they charge an activation fee just like AT&T. If only Sprint didn't suck.

Would have gone with 16GB anyways, but it is always nice to have a choice. I suspect most will buy the 16GB version. I have a 32 GB card in my GNote and a couple of 16's laying around since my wife is also getting one on TMO. ATT LTE is excellent in the DFW area and state for that matter! I suspect either the 17th or 24th since ATT usually launches on a Sunday. Samsung may be calling the shots now so it may be when Samsung says not when ATT says!

Any thoughts on off contract price? If $199 on contract that is $599 off contract which is less than the $650 I paid for my GNote. Come on ATT take my money!

16GB + uSD card should be enough for most. Heck, you can get a 64gb uSD card for $70, giving you a total of 80GB on their phone. That $70 is significantly less than what internal storage bumps cost. If you need more than 80Gb, sorry, you are in the extreme minority.

As for the red color, I hope it's not some bright, flashy red. A deep dark red would be awesome though.

Just to clarify, if I were to get the 16gb version I could put a 32gb sd card in it. If so that's fine with me. I have 32gb on my iphone and most is music. If i can do this, then just have a 16gb model is perfectly fine with me. Sorry if this is a dumb question, I'm new to the site.

Yes. If you buy the 16Gb version, you could put any size uSD card up to 64gb. You could get a 32Gb card, fill the whole thing with music, and it would work great.

So you would give up LTE and double the RAM for 16GB of extra storage even though there is an SD slot? That doesn't make any sense.

You beat me to this response. Some people are complaining just to complain. I love my One X, so the same processor, plus 2GB of RAM, removable battery, and external storage sounds like a great buy for me. If the screen doesn't look as nice as my One X, I'll survive, I have the Tergra 3 version as well :)

You can't give up what you've never had, or will ever see for that matter, LTE is a pipe dream for me and many others, regardless what carrier you're with.
The memory would be missed but honestly, the 2GB is only so the S4 is on par with the Quadcore version.
Frankly the storage isn't what Pisses me off, it's just AT&T's slight jab at making this device "theirs", I mean who's holding out for the red one??

2GB + S4 > 1GB + Exynos. Easy. For most apps you wouldn't even notice the extra cores. And why is LTE a pipe dream? (just curious)

Believe it or not, some places won't see LTE for quite some time, no matter the carrier. Where I live definitely won't see it for sometime I'm sure, so obviously LTE doesn't have the appeal to me as if does others. I ordered an international version of the Note because of this also, even though I had an upgrade available.
The area my family and I just moved from had just gotten 3G signal November 30th of 2010, so I'm sure that area too isn't a priority for LTE anytime soon.
My main grip over this isn't really the storage, it's more that AT&T continues to pull this cap. Every other carrier out there followed the same path, yet they have to make their own. It's frustrating in my opinion.

ugh AT&T is going to force me to buy a 64GB card aren't they. Anyone know how to make Google Music store offline music on the external card? With that I could probably get away with the 16GB version, but as of right now my S2's internal storage is about full while my 32GB external cards holds movies.

people fighting over storage on phone that has micro sd slot is just plain stupid. Grab yourself a 32gb micro for 20 bucks and be happy.

So the geniuses at AT&T think people will rather have a bizarre looking red phone than ample storage. To call them congenital idiots is really just putting it kindly. Anyways I'm glad I'm not with freaking AT&T.

Seriously folks, 16 GB with an SD slot is PLENTY!!! It is so ridiculous the way some of you act like you need so much don't!!! You go out of your way to add any sort of bullshit you can find to put on your phone because you think if you have used more memory it means you're somehow cool or important.

News flash, not everyone uses their phone they way you do..
Alot of folks cram their devices full of music, movies and other files and that's eats up storage fast. I know I swap thru a 64 and 32GB card frequently depending on what's going on. Just because you don't use yours that way doesn't give you the right to rag on those that do.

My friend... If you have 20 different movies on your device you need netflix. If you have 20 gigs of music you're a hoarder and need spotify and a local radio app to fit your needs. Once upon a time in a little town far far away in New Jersey as a teenager when trolling was called flaming and chat rooms were cooler than anything possible. I had a 5GB emachine that cost my parents 400 bucks. Point and being? When napster and Kazaa up as a teenager you can only imagine what my hormones made me download. I made due. At the age of 17. Everyone should too. Honestly show me someone who plays 20 gigs of storage worth of music a day playing thru all the tracks and I'll call him father time. Show me someone who has 20 gigs of movies and has to see them everyday and I'll show you a psychiatrist that says you have OCD. End of story bro.

You say if you have 20 gbs of movies and dozens of hours of music on your phone you are crazy; I respectfully disagree.

Number one: What if you are going on a road trip with your children, who is to say what movies they are going to want to watch on that trip.

Number two: Why should I have to select which songs I want to listen to on that individual day. I may not listen to every song everyday, but why not have the option.

Number three: Netflix does not have all of the newest movies.

Number four: Why not have the option, why only offer a nerfed version; at least give the customer an option.

I personally use most of my memory because it is just more convenient to put all my music onto my phone than to have to select each song individually.

Totally agree. With a SD slot, people need to quit crying. I have a One XL and can understand if there is no SD slot only being stuck with 16GB sucks, but if you can add a 32 or 64 GB card there is not one reason to cry. I am taking the One XL back, but will miss the screen. I hate using cloud and now that the cameras are decent I end up using a ton of storage for HD video and photos. 16 GB goes quick with 1080p video, but can't imagine truly needing a total of 80 GB storage on a phone. I will miss the One XL screen though, it is unbelievable.

just Quit complaining and get the one x and you be short for least Sammy is being kind with the added storage!

I got mine with 32gb for 1 euro but then again I am in Europe and only get the shitty quardcore galaxy s3 not the fancy dual core version ha ha. I see why it comes shipped with less memory and less cores. LOL. At least ATT will make even more money ripping even more people off those greedy bastards. But the bright side is that you at least can swap the memory unlike the HTC One phones. But on the bad side you can't upgrade or swap the dual core for more cores. Well that sucks.

But I like the idea of having more colors. But ATT should have a Blue Black version, Verizon in Red Black, Sprint Yellow Black and T Mobile Magenta for the ladies. I think ATT drank to much from the happy juice to put out a wrong color phone. But didn't they also sold exclusively a red HTC Desire?

I already intended to buy a 64gb card. Just pulled together over a dozen full tv seasons and about 10 full length movies, all together they only take up 30gb. My entire music collection in itunes, over 5000 songs almost all at 320kbps, adds up to 30gb, much of which I don't even listen to. So I could put all that stuff on a microsd card, plus a few gigabytes of digital comics, and still have 11gb of internal storage to work with. So... what's the problem here? I think most people, like me, are really just pissed off by the principle of the thing, and at&t pulling this type of stuff continually. But alone it is not enough reason to not buy the phone.

But so long people don't do anything about like have demonstrations or things it won't change and ATT and other will continue to do whatever. And obviously there still enough people that let ATT and co continue treating them like that. I mean even the 199 price tag is way over the top.

As long as it has SD, who the hell cares?

16 gigs is PLENTY for internal storage. Unless you are going to max out 80 gigs of space, this is a non-issue. 80 gigs is a LOT even for power users.