Got a shiny new Android Wear smartwatch and are going through the list of interesting features and apps it supports? Here's one that may come in handy if you need to surf Wikipedia from your watch. Attopedia, which is now available for Android Wear, lets you browse Wikipedia using a two-dimentional grid-based system.

Once the desired page loads, you can scroll up or down to access the menus, while a left and right scroll loads more content. The app is available for free under the GPLv3 license, and offers an interesting take on browsing a content-heavy website like Wikipedia on devices with minuscule screen sizes. Interested in seeing how Attopedia works on your smartwatch? Hit up the link above to download the app from the Play Store. You can also join in on the discussion and post images of the app in action in our forums.

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Attopedia lets you browse Wikipedia from your wrist


I had a screen the size a smartwatch once..... On my flip phone.... 8 years ago.....

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I would agree with you however I applaud this app for its design and the way it presents the content on the watch. This is one of those apps that could be inspiration for other apps. If I did a search on my watch for a quick fact on Google I would love the option to open it with this app straight on the watch. And it works for quick facts because of the way the sections are organised so you can quickly check, for example the different classes of clouds (tropospheric, polar stratospheric and polar mesopheric) by doing a search for clouds, however, the screen is too small to read an entire article,

Does there have to be a predefined "purpose"? I think it is great to see all kinds of uses. I could see where this might be very useful in certain situations.

i dont , Not when they try to completely replace the functionality of a phone (besides make phone calls) and do it even more poorly
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And this will be useful never.

Unless you are a hipster walking-around in a sweater in 96° heat in Portland downtown just so you can maintain your hipster image.

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