First an Android phone (G1?) was coming to AT&T sometime in December. Not so fast. Then, an Android phone was coming to AT&T, but not in December - could still be the G1. Hold the press. Yes, Android is coming to AT&T but it definitely won't be a G1, but some other hardware. Great! Oh, but wait. AT&T is evaluating the Android platform and perhaps if their evaluation ends up being positive (translation: if buckets of money can be made, we will sell Android or even two cups connected by a string), they will for sure (maybe) have an Android phone. [Gizmodo]

I'm using my unlocked G1 on AT&T now, but it would sure be nice to have an Android that served me up some 3G speed. Are you running unlocked on 3G now, or biding your time until AT&T finishes evaluating Android and sells some hardware of their own?

Then again, AT&T CEO Ralph de la Vega did just say that he doesn't have much interest in Android, so the wait could be longer than we'd like.


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AT&T Will Have Android (Maybe, Maybe Not)


What..? Why would I want to run my phone on AT&T? They're known to have bad service as far as 3G's concerned. I'd rather stick with T-Mobile if I had a G1. But personally, the G1 is "generation 1", I'd rather wait for G2, or maybe even G3 next year. Still probably with T-Mobile for their cheap rates. Unlimited text and internet with a simple calling plan? $65 only! That would probably be like what, about 100$ on AT&T? Noooo thanks. Then again, it depends on the hardware. It always depends on the hardware. Should AT&T somehow get a hold of a phone similar to the Touch HD and have Android on it, you bet your butt I'll be there asap.