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Just 20 channels available for streaming when outside your home network, however

Building on the announcement earlier this month that it would be bringing live TV streaming to mobile devices, AT&T U-verse has just announced that Android users now have access to over 100 channels in its app. The service lets U-verse TV subscribers authenticate within its app on either a phone or tablet and have access to live TV along with On Demand programming and the ability to manage your DVR remotely.

There is a caveat, however. The quoted 100 live TV channels are only available when streaming on your home network, and the number of available channels dips to about 20 when you're out-and-about. We can likely blame this on media rights holders, but it still stinks to see such a pared-down offering out of the house where you're most likely to take advantage of such a service.

At any rate, U-verse customers can grab a download of the app from the Play Store at the link above, authenticate and get to catching up on TV even when someone in your house has monopolized use of the cable box. A full list of live channels can be found on U-verse's site, but include many of the popular networks such as A&E, Animal Planet, ESPN, Food Network, HBO, History, MTV, Syfy and many, many more. 

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AT&T U-verse opens up over 100 live TV channels to Android users


I want off the traditional TV subscription model, not to have it converted to be more mobile.

Until I can pay for specific channels that can be accessed wherever whenever, I don't care.

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I agree. I dumped cable because of the traditional model. Reality is that I only watched a couple of channels, not all of the other CRAP that they bundled with those channels. If a particular channel doesn't have subscribers and doesn't make money, let it die. Channels that provide QUALITY entertainment will thrive. Until the cable companies can figure it out, they aren't getting my money!

That's the same decision and conclusion that we as a family have come to as well. Not sure the majority is anywhere near there yet though. Hulu Plus and Netflix with our internet subscription fullfill any necessary television needs for any of us in the household.

I find this type of live channel streaming to be completely useless anyway, because I am not going to be forced to watch commercials. Period.

Why can't they incorporate the remote control to ur cable box like they have on the iPhone version

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I know, right! My wife and I each have the S4 and I have an old iPod Touch I have to use to change channels and I'd rather just use my phone than have to find the iPod Touch whenever I change the channels. It doesn't make sense and is annoying they haven't done this on Android yet!

Well, assuming you have AT$T Internet at home, you're limited to 250GB per month, which renders this dumb. No thanks.

Umm... No they don't.. I've had UVerse for 10 months and have easily gone over that and never had one issue...

The 250 limit is a "soft" limit and they will only contact you if you grossly go over it or continue to go over it for 3 months straight. LOL

And ATT limits users to a non-usable 3gb's/mo, so what use are Uverse channels on Android??? And don't tell me "wifi" wifi is secured in most places, and therefore not an option.

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I have no download limit. And the "soft" limit they have in place is 250 gig and they state that this app does not count against those numbers.

I'm pretty sure he means the 3 gig data limit for mobile phones. Which is a valid complaint for a mobile phone app. If I need to watch something on TV while I'm on my home network, I can just watch TV. The mobile data caps really break most mobile streaming apps.

What a waste of an update... I am CLEARLY connected to my home Wi-Fi, yet the app tells me I'm not, so I can't even use the live channel options. And they can't give us the virtual remote like in iOS? That's OK though, they just fill Android phones with BS bloatware. I mean, who would have time to actually develop useful features where you're too busy making bloatware? I am so tired of at&t. I'm leaving their mobile and TV/internet services as soon as I can.

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you must be using the ATT router not a separate personally bought router. that is what I have been told. I have not made it home yet to try it out though. But my PC's cannot access all the live channels because I am using a wireless N router that is attached to the ATT router. I called and that is what I was told.

The app has been updated and it works for me now. It's figured out that I'm on the home network.

I too was getting slow speeds of 12 down, even though my speeds were supposed to be 32 down. The speed ws 32 down but your dvr's actually take away speeds of you internet, especially of you are using HD channels. we have 3 boxes that are being used 1/3 of the time and found late at night when everyone's asleep my speeds increased some not a lot but up to almost 20 down.

If you are behind a router with in your home network it will not pick you up. You have to be on the WIFI or the wired right from the ATT router. That is what I have been told when I called about why my PC's could not access all live channels.

Thank you for posting. I do have one of their Gateways. And anything else that requires AT&T U-verse verification (ESPN feeds, NFL Network feeds...before they yanked it, etc.) works. Just not their own app.

twenty when your out and about..... try one lol I am only seeing one listed on the "Out Of Home Channels" tab and about 60 on the "All Channels" tab Then there is an "Up Next" tab with more.

Seems something is a bit amiss here......

Installed, authenticated, scanned through about 75 channels, found demolition man and now I'm watching Wesley Snipes kick some arse...187 murder-death-kill.

Thanks for the update Andrew.

Edit:I wish the app would let me watch shows that are recorded on my DVR on my phone. That would make it just about perfect.