AT&T announced this morning that it has flipped the switch for LTE in more cities. The high speed 4G network is now available in:

  • Northwest, Georgia
  • Albany, Georgia
  • Cecil County, Maryland
  • Montgomery County, Pennsylvania
  • Norfolk, parts of Virginia Beach and Portsmouth, VA

Great news for everybody in these locales who can now experience the faster speeds.


Reader comments

AT&T turns on LTE in 5 more markets, including Norfolk and Virginia Beach


That is not what they are doing. Sprint is calling cities in the same market, different markets.

Sprint hasn't officially announce that LTE is live in Norfolk, VA Market but seem to have more live sites than AT&T right now.

Yeah, I get 4G on Sprint in Ghent but not in Ocean View. I also noticed I get 4G at my parents' house on Lake Smith in Virginia Beach. According to an article last year in the Virginian Pilot, Sprint started putting up the towers in October. Kinda frustrating though that it hasn't completely gone live yet. I bought the first EVO when it came out years ago and was told then 4G would be coming in a matter of months.

I live in Montgomery county. LTE has been on for months. What are they talking about? It sucks anyway. Kills your battery. I wish I could turn it off. And when will I get Jelly Bean on my HTC One X AT&T?

LTE has been on for months, but not officially "launched. " Here in Madison, WI we got LTE signals about 10 days ago now. I'm sure it won't officially "launch" until at least April or May, if not longer. Similarly, Milwaukee had LTE coverage by last July but didn't "launch" until January.

PR statements are redundant and useless when it comes to these rollout announcements.

I love it. Every time these companies flip the switch, people elsewhere get pissed. Keep calm guys.