AT&T has continued teasing the Asus PadFone X with a video, despite the conspicuous absence of an actual release date. They're highlighting the screen mirroring capabilities of the tablet/phone pair, as well as the smartphone's high-speed, low-light-sensitive 13 megapixel camera.

We've been looking at the PadFone X since CES, and the only thing we've really got since then is a full specsheet. Asus has been working on the idea of a physically integrated smartphone and tablet, and though they're certainly making progress, it's easy to feel like the novelty is starting to wear off.

What do you guys think? Anybody actually going to get both of these devices, or is it just a neat idea?

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AT&T shows off the PadFone X once again, but still no release date


I like the concept but it would have to work with multiple devices. I'm not going to switch to an Asus device just for this feature.

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I really like the idea. I would love to be able to watch videos or play games on a bigger screen while retaining all the data and apps from my phone. Asus needs to step it up and make a flagship phone that will utilize the tablet, a phone that would compete with the top android devices on the market. Just my opinion though

EDIT: actually read the article and specs lol. Looks like a good device, at least according to the specs. I take it back, I'm actually pretty intrigued

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This device format could work very well for some users, so did the Transformer tablets with a dedicated keyboard unit (which I still use). However mass appeal remains the safe option for most companies.

ASUS do think outside the box, which I really like. But I remain concerned about their multi-mode firmware, based on 2 years experience.

Awesome AC.

I like this combo a lot, actually. Thing is, I'm not sure I'd be happy with an Asus smartphone, but I think the tablet would certainly meet my needs.

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I absolutely plan on buying it. I just wish they'd give us an actual release date and price. I've been waiting for a release date for over FOUR months. Sigh.

I will be getting this when it releases. I think people are being overly negative about it because that's the "cool" thing to do.

Asus is still Asus. Like the first transformer pad that came out the launch date was so screwy and not every store had them and even places like best buy where kind of left in the dark. At least for US Launches.

Same for every transformer after. Its clear Asus can make awesome tablets (Nexus 7 2013) they just need a better PR group and a way to launch their devices better. This is what the 4th padfone and finally coming to america. Even if it is exclusive to att. Don't mess this up Asus.

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It hasn't been released yet cause AT&T is still trying to find a way to double charge for the data...

At this point this should just be considered outdated vaporware