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Here's a quick heads up, folks, that AT&T will sell the Pebble smartwatch for $150 starting Sept. 27. That's the same Pebble you can buy directly from the company itself, or from Best Buy, soon to be sold in carrier stores. 

And, yes. You can put Jerry's face on it. Or Android Central's own Lloyd

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AT&T to sell the Pebble smartwatch starting Sept. 27


The flagship AT&T store on Michigan Avenue here in Chicago just started selling Martian Watches as well two weeks ago (I picked up a black Victory to go with my Passport). Looks like they're becoming believers in wearables.

As much as I want one to play with, they seem to be limited on functionality for the price point. Or am I just not seeing the big picture here?

I have one and really anything is possible. There are lots of apps you can add and there is a SDK for it. Even if you don't program you can do a lot with tasker and automate stuff. This one guy was controlling his A/V system without ever writing code.

I love that fact it isn't running Android or some full OS you have to manage.

I've had mine for about 2 months.. it's awesome.

The 3rd party apps are what makes it worth it.

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I got one for my birthday 2 weeks ago and i love it. I keep my phone on silent 95% of the time now. Works like a charm.