AT&T Samsung Galaxy SII Skyrocket

Update only available via KIES software, AT&T makes the update offical

The Jelly Bean flavor of Android is hitting yet another phone today. (OK, this one's been available for a couple days now, but this morning AT&T made it official.) This time it's AT&T's Samsung Galaxy S2 Skyrocket that's getting Android 4.1.2, some nine months after its Ice Cream Sandwich update. This one's only available through Samsung's KIES desktop software, unfortunately, but that's a small price to pay for a big update. 

Here's what you have to look forward to:

  • Google Now with enhanced voice activation
  • Adds Browser bar, Drive Mode, ATT Locker, Mobile Hot Spot, Featured Apps widget as preloaded applications
  • Removes Qik and MSpot applications
  • Improved Call Quality

Samsung's KIES software is available on Windows or Mac. Be sure you've got at least 50 percent battery before performing surgery.

Download: Samsung KIES; Galaxy S2 Skyrocket Jelly Bean Instructions

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vinny jr says:

This is exactly why I choose Samsung over HTC. Samsung is just killing the upgrades as of late. All the SGS2 phones have been upgraded, that is what counts. I'm a less than proud owner of the HTC Rezound, when came out was the best device to be had, I paid cash for it I think about 3 days after it was released. The phone has great potential but HTC and Verizon forgot about it. I still have a Verizon account, which I put on suspension for 3 months. I have another account with T-Mobile and couldn't be happier, faster data, better price and phones.
Samsung is the only company right now that gives it's customers what they want. Great phones with updates. Just My Opinion.

thdarkshadow says:

The US Cellular s2 hasn't been updated yet. That isn't Samsungs fault though that's us cellulars.

I've been running 4.2.2 from cyanogenmod for a while now and couldn't be happier with my skyrocket. The only issue I have is att visual voicemail just will not work but I use Google voice anyway so it's not a big deal. Good on samsung for an official update!

Hi Mark,

How do you download or website I may use to download android 4.2.2? Is kitkat possible?

schrochem says:

I hope this is good news for those of us with the original ATT Note. They share the same hardware so hopefully we can expect an update as well....

jeeves744 says:

I agree. I really wish att would hurry up with it.

aaronwe says:

Been running SlimROM on my Skyrocket for several months now. All the speed of Jelly Bean, none of the AT&T crapware.

fotyc says:

I've only had an Android phone for two months so this is an ignorant question - but does this mean JB for the S3 will be following behind?

Which carrier do you have that your S3 doesn't already have 4.1.x?

carlosrey23 says:

Most SG3's are already on 4.1.1. But the article is referencing 4.1.2, which gives you a fancier lock screen, and possibly multi-screen.

I Rooted, and flashed Synergy on ATT, and could be happier....carriers take way too long with updates!!! 5.0.0 is quickly approaching, 4.2 is on the scene already, and flagship devices such as SG3 still do not have 4.1.2. 4.1.1 took tooo long

Bottom line the SG3 is so fast and stable that who really needs to root?

mfpmax says:

Looks like I should've got this phone instead of the Vivid....but I was still reeling from Samsung/AT&T screwing around with the Captivate updates and the whole black screen of death problems.

bailra01 says:

Yep, me too!

My camera won't work anymore, says there is not enough memory. I've deleted and stopped all non essential processes, still won't work. YAY!!

train44137 says:

Currently neither Samsung or ATT are uphold the sell point that that you would be able to update OS when availabe; provided you have a PC; that the software recognizes your device (most cases my Skyrocket does not appear in some/all drop down menus on ,the Samsung website) making it impossible To update.

Luis Nunes says:

I've tried the update with the official instructions from ATT SMS.

KIES simply bricked my phone and would never recover it back. It damaged the very basic USB interface and wasn't even able to recognized the phone again.

After hours learning from Internet Forums without success through official ATT instructions and the poor Kies software, I've decided to root my phone.

I was not a fan of rooting and I have never rooted a phone before, trusting on official carrier software but the last one on my Skyrocket (ICS) was really unstable and I was almost changing the phone.

But.. I had a dead phone and nothing to loose at that time.....
I decided to root and now I have a stable Cyanogenmod version on my phone, faster than ever, working as a charm, no crashes and much better battery life.
Google: How To Install Cm10.
Do at your own risk. I've installed the recover software via ODIN to revive the phone and then CM10 via SD Card. I am very happy with the results.

bfroman says:

Has anyone had any trouble with call quality since the upgrade? I know it was supposed to have IMPROVED call quality but ever since my upgrade (last Sunday evening) I struggle to hear the person on the other end. I have checked all my settings and everything looks ok. Any suggestions or input? There dont appear to be any other problems.

KibKatz says:

Since the update, my phone will not notify me of new emails. Has anyone else had this problem?

Mine is doing the same, has been for months.. So annoying, I'm missing important emails! still realizing there not coming through and forgetting! If you find out how to change it let me know, cant find any info online :/ x