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It's still Android 4.1.2, but OTA brings small fixes and enhancements

Software version E98010n is ready for AT&T's LG Optimus Pro. The 65 or so megabyte file is still Android 4.1.2, but bumps the software version up from E98010k ("n" is more than "k" so it has to be better) and contains these few changes, per AT&T:

  • Closed Captioning: Closed captioning option will appear in full screen mode for video files that are closed captioning supported.
  • Battery and Data icons in AT&T apps folder: You now have quick and easy access from your device home screen in the AT&T folder to manage data usage or optimize battery life.
  • Dual camera: You can take still photos using the front and rear camera at the same time.
  • Video pause and resume: You can pause and resume while recording a video.
  • Smart video: With eye detection, if you stop watching a video, the video will pause.
  • Home button LED: You can set the home button LED for "Favorite" contacts. Go to "Favorite" contact > Edit > Home Button LED.
  • Unused apps: You can set notifications for unused apps at: Settings > Apps > Menu key > Unused apps.

The usual rules apply — you'll need to be on Wifi, you can only "officially" check once per day, and your battery should be nice and charged.

There's a thread in the Optimus G Pro forums where folks are discussing the update, jump in!

Thanks, Mike!

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Amir47 says:

Where's the g2 pro?
And lack of updates is disappointing from LG.
They don't have a single phone in the U.S running anything newer than 4.2

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Nexus 4 and Nexus 5 say hay ...

UJ95x says:

Made by LG, but considered Google phones...

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Amir47 says:

Really? You actually count nexus devices?

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A895 says:

*From LG*
That's what you said.

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Amir47 says:

well if I have to be specific.... Nexus devices excluded since they get updates from google and not LG.

jwyche007 says:

If I'm going to try to correct someone in probably not going to start with Jerry... I mean really...

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Nelimungous says:

The phone actually updates to E98010P. For some reason the AT&T update page states "N". Also the features listed I am fairly certain they already existed. So AT&T needs to update the software update page I believe. Would have done this earlier but work getting in the way!

Kerry Mccoy says:

When are we going to see KitKat....?

dante501 says:

@Kerry u are able to have Kitkat for a long time already on the G Pro. The magically word is CyanogenMod 11

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kalo88 says:

Another phone abandoned with updates from LG, they're really good at that. Basically to get updates from LG you basically end up buying their new flagship each time....

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ayg says:

I had the Note 2 and traded to the G-Pro before getting the Note 3. The G-Pro is a GREAT phone and the screen is really impressive. The software updates or lack thereof is a joke. Its also one of the few phones where the ROM community can't seem to exceed the battery life of the stock LG rom with aftermarket roms. Its also a much better phone if you load the stock Panamanian G-Pro rom. Gets rid of all of the AT&T garbage but is still 4.1.2.

LG has so much potential. But their lack of updates is just unacceptable these days. Without updates, a phone is almost undesirable, no matter how good it is. It's not so much that the phone even needs the update, it's just the peace of mind knowing that your phone manufacturer is going to support your device, as they should.

Posted from a device better than yours :)

dachiefmizzy says:

I can already take photos using both cameras, pause video when not looking..so what is new here

dante501 says:

Taking still pictures with front and rear camera was able to be done way before this update.

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DaFonZisBack says:

Who cares about version honestly

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jwyche007 says:

I'm not going to life the fact that this is on a two year old os is objectively bullshit but it's clearly due to the fact this phone is an AT&T exclusive.

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thatguy97 says:

You'd think an LG flagship from 8-9 months ago would still get android updates because phones like the sgs4 n3 htc one have 4.3 and will get kitkay but 4.1.2 an android version from early 2012 almost 2 years ago is pretty disappointing step it up lg

Sent from my Nexus 7 2013 or Moto G

visionlogic says:

Do NOT install this update if you are 1) rooted AND 2) have a non-stock recovery installed (i.e. CWM or TWRP). Doing so will result in a recovery boot loop. The only way out is to use LG Flash Tool on a Windows machine and install a prior LG "tot" file to return to stock (Google is your friend). In doing so your phone's entire contents will be erased.

wndrrd says:

I will concur. I spent the day doing just that and it sucked!

JSWilsonX says:

The update causes the problems you noted with CWM. I tried using LG Flash Tool. Everything went well until I got to the last step to flash the phone back to the stock roms. It started the flash process then said:
USB Connection Established
Device QFUSE Check OK!!
:: Error ::

Then the status area turned red and said Download FAIL!! (30sec)

Now the phone will not go into download mode. It still boots to ClockworkMod though the backup I created after installing ClockworkMod disappeared. Any suggestions on how to proceed?